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The homebrew area is the place your find homemade radio amateur equipment.

In the area you will not find any modification of commercial equipment, but this only is for 100% homemade equipment.

Below you will see some of the article that already is uploaded. If you have some homemade stuff you want to share with other you are welcome to upload this by using the upload function, you only have to click here.

Uploaded Sub category Description
16 Jan 2015 Antenna - RADIO A VERY good and simple to make dual band VHF and UHF antenna
23 May 2016 Transceiver - MISC Review of FT-7100M Dual-Band FM Mobile Transceiver; Ameritron ALS-600 Solid State No Tune FET Amplif
05 Dec 2014 Receiver - RECIEVER Crystal reciever without crystal
09 Jul 2016 Measuring - OTHER Low cost digital volt meter
18 Jun 2014 Amplifier - MISC Temperature Controlled Fan Switch
30 Jan 2016 Transceiver - INTERFARCE My version of RF speech processor
14 Dec 2014 Other - MISC Voice over IP interface for EchoLink, eQSO-, FRN- and TeamSpeak gateways
26 Apr 2016 Antenna - RADIO Antena for 11 meters
20 Mar 2016 Antenna - HF Quick hints
15 Jun 2015 Transceiver - INTERFARCE Icom TUNE BOX IC-706 -756 -7000
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