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30 Jun 2015IC-7200 Out Of Band TX Mod
16 Apr 2015Operating cross mode on Icom IC-7200
21 Feb 2015Loudspeaker remains connected when headphones are plugged in on IC-7200
18 May 2014IC-7200 can't get full power output
05 Mar 2014Spontaneous radio shut down with recycle back on on IC-7200
10 Jan 2011IC-7200 Pin diode failure causing very big loss in RX sensitivity
24 Mar 2010RF stray while using RX audio from the MIC socket (pin 8)
05 Dec 2009USB port in Icom IC-7200
01 Mar 2009Using headsets on an IC-7200
22 Feb 2009Icom IC-7200 DG2IAQ-Mods
17 Nov 2008RX and TX mod for Icom IC-7200
23 Jul 2008IC-7200 Band Voltage Modification
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Date Author Subject
1. 15 Aug 2016 vicente gutierrez (0) IC7200 mod out of 160 m band
2. 12 Jan 2016 Matt Reichert (0) Add a switch to it View article
3. 16 Aug 2015 Malen (1) No D-49 View article
4. 22 Feb 2015 Bruce MORRIS (0) Functions of the diodes View article
5. 12 Aug 2014 Wiel (0) IC-7200 can't get full power output View article
6. 16 Mar 2014 Matt Williamson (0) Pic of the diodes on the American Version View article
7. 09 Jan 2011 Marcus Sehlhoff (0) Good mod View article
8. 08 Sep 2010 Oleg Ivin (0) PTT via USB virtual com port for WSJT
9. 08 Sep 2010 Oleg Ivin (1) PTT via USB virtual com port for WSJT
10. 23 Apr 2010 Gerald K. Sherman (0) USB port in Icom IC-7200 View article
11. 26 Mar 2010 Roar (0) IC-7200 5 MHz (60m) TX enable View article
12. 14 Mar 2010 axaios (0) RX and TX mod for Icom IC-7200 View article
13. 30 Jan 2010 Sid Boyce (0) RE: USB port in Icom IC-7200 View article

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