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30 Mar 2010How to enter service/adjustment menu for DJ-G7E
10 Dec 2009Possible way to reflash a broken Alinco DJ-G7
11 Jul 2009Undocumented features for Alinco DJ-G7
11 Jun 2009Clip replacement/Swivel clip mod
27 May 2009Extended TX for Alinco DJ-G7T
19 May 2009Alinco DJ-G7 Cross Band Repeat
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Date Author Subject
1. 07 Feb 2017 FalconK (0) Working defaults View article
2. 21 Oct 2013 rossetti daniele (1) Problems modulation UHF band
3. 08 May 2013 Martin Schmid (2) Alinco DJ-G7 Software Programming not working
4. 27 Dec 2010 Juergen Hueser (0) Skip loud sidetones?
5. 10 Dec 2009 potis21 (1) sv9ofo - author View article
6. 31 Aug 2009 Patrick Fu (1) Modification At Alinco DJ-G7 View article

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