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19 Jul 1998Expanded frq. for DR-590T
19 Jul 1998Cross band operation
19 Jul 1998Alinco DR-590 9600Bd Modifikation
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Date Author Subject
1. 22 Nov 2010 Stefan Hasel (0) DR-590 sporadic Sqelch opening
2. 21 Feb 2006 doug johnson (0) Memory Battery replacement
3. 11 Nov 2005 KB0IAN (0) Anyone else have this problem
4. 09 Feb 2005 wb2zhp (1) Anybody had this problem???????
5. 26 Oct 2004 KA9LMK (0) Alinco DR-590T - Transmit Audio Noise
6. 26 Nov 2003 NR7J (0) I Need info on DJ-590 crossband by remote View article
7. 08 Sep 2003 Tim Hughes (0) Removed Memory Batt Over Night View article
8. 07 Sep 2003 Tim Hughes (0) Mod did not work View article
9. 22 Apr 2003 Nicola IN3EYY (0) Cross Band DR-590 View article
10. 08 Apr 2003 HARRY (0) PRO-2004 EXPANDED FREQ. View article
11. 18 Mar 2002 Paul Munsel (0) More 590 Mods? View article

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