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12 Mar 2016IC-735 QRP modification
06 Apr 2014Icom IC735 EX243 replacement using DL4YHF keyer
31 Mar 2014Icom IC-735 630m (472-479kHz) mods
30 Mar 2014CTCSS with generic tone board / switch CTCSS on and off for IC-735
09 Mar 2014Enable the preamp below 1.5MHz on the IC-735
27 Mar 2012IC-735 power/squelch switch mod
15 Jan 2006IC-735 PLL unlock
29 Aug 2003IC-735 master osc set
19 Jul 1998ICOM Radio/RS232 interface which meets RS232 specifications
19 Jul 1998IC-735 Remote Working
19 Jul 1998TX Mod For ICOM 735
19 Jul 1998Xmit Mods for IC-735
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Date Author Subject
1. 11 Apr 2017 Michael Hahn (0) IC-735: No headphone output but speaker output ok
2. 11 Apr 2017 Michael Hahn (0) IC-735: DC Power Input short circuit
3. 22 Sep 2014 Derek Embrey (0) Icom 735, Squelch permanently on max so no sound
4. 28 Sep 2013 Terry Miller (0) IC-735 Tx Mod for Dummies
5. 20 Sep 2010 Robert Misenheimer (0) 'Xmit Mods for IC-735' View article
6. 05 Dec 2008 Harald Zeisig (0) 1.LO-Signal ab 8.000MHz verrauscht View article
7. 02 Jul 2008 Anonymous (0) Adjust Master Oscillator View article
8. 18 Jul 2007 Anonymous (0) TX MOD For Icom 735 View article
9. 14 Apr 2007 Peter Dessezar (0) Wats up dock
10. 14 Apr 2007 Peter Dessezar (0) Wats up dock
11. 09 Feb 2006 Anonymous (0) re IC-735 PLL unlock View article
12. 15 Jan 2006 f6ctw (1) PLL unlock
13. 17 Sep 2004 GARTH Wheeler (0) Subject::TX MOD FOR IC735
14. 23 Jan 2004 valentino ik8uig (0) ic-735-144-50.modifica View article
15. 07 Jun 2003 James Viele W8JV (0) WARNING on IC735 mod View article
16. 20 May 2003 Roland Obst SM7XVF (0) IC735 View article

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