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25 Mar 2009ICOM IC-756PRO: Excessive or Unusual Receiver Noise
01 Apr 2007Using filter 3 for 11 meter operation
23 Mar 2006Icom IC-756 Pro filter
11 Nov 2005Expanded tx-frequency for the IC756-PRO for 40m
09 Aug 2002Eliminate an adjacent channel noise problem (QST mod for IC-756PRO)
10 Feb 2002ICOM IC-756PRO CW Filter Shape Selection
06 Mar 2000Expand tx-freqeuncy for the IC756-PRO
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Date Author Subject
1. 06 Jun 2015 robson ddi almeida (0) 11metros View article
2. 05 Apr 2008 chris wilson (0) 756 pro 40m coverage View article
3. 14 Mar 2008 Ede URKON (0) IC-756PRO View article
4. 16 Nov 2006 Ian Douglas (0) Correction to Diode Number View article
5. 01 Mar 2004 WT6G (0) Mod is excellent View article
6. 30 Jul 2003 Bonnie KQ6XA (0) IC-756pro 5MHz Filter Info View article
7. 23 Jun 2003 Bonnie KQ6XA (0) 5MHz Operation, Power Amp Low Pass Filter View article
8. 16 Jun 2003 Bonnie KQ6XA (0) 100kHz ~ 60MHz TX Mod View article
9. 18 Dec 2002 NL7HQ- Derek Edmondson (0) IC 765 Pro Freq Mod View article
10. 12 Dec 2002 John, N3WT (0) This mod very worthwhile View article
11. 06 Oct 2002 K3SAM - Sam (0) 756Pro 6 meter LED View article
12. 23 Aug 2002 Jim Jarvis, N2EA (0) 756pro adjacent channel noise problem View article
13. 14 Aug 2002 Ben Gardner KD7BCW (0) freq expand mod, lost 6 meter xmit, why? View article
14. 07 Aug 2002 K3CW (0) Extended Xmit including 30-60MHz View article
15. 23 Feb 2002 Greg/K6QPV San Diego, CA. USA (0) Making 756P continuous Xmit 1.6 - 29.999 MHz View article

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