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11 Jun 2008Better AM-Demodulation for Icom IC-765
18 May 2008Fast AGC usrranenie cotton for IC-765
21 Jun 2006ICOM-765 To Clean Display Glass.
09 Mar 2006VCO trimmers; how to fix the problem fast enough IC-7xx
07 Aug 2005Replace Icom IC-765 S-Meter lamp with white LED
04 Jun 2000Replace 455 SSB filter w fl 44a very nice selectivity.
22 Aug 1999IC-765 Extended TX Mod
19 Jul 1998Adjustment the mortrs control unit
19 Jul 1998Mod to prevent ant sw unit failure
19 Jul 1998Icom IC-765 Passband tuning mod
19 Jul 1998Icom IC-765 improved monitor volume
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Date Author Subject
1. 03 Jul 2008 Wolfgang Teske (0) Switch SSB-Broadband with the 250Hz Button
2. 05 Oct 2007 Daria Erenkova (0) IC-765
3. 24 Feb 2006 Alexander (0) And to apply the narrow filter for RTTY
4. 13 Feb 2006 Scott Gordon (0) IC 765
5. 17 Nov 2005 Pedro Castillo (0) CT-17 cable connection to IC-765
6. 19 Aug 2005 ik2frz (1) AT only the panel switch transmit/receive
7. 03 Aug 2005 Jack Morgan (0) Replace S-Meter lamp with white LED
8. 29 Nov 2003 oe8kr (0) PBT ic 765 View article
9. 15 Sep 2003 RF Magician (0) Radical elimination of the problem View article
10. 28 Jan 2002 Carl Severa (0) Icom 765 Passband Tuning Mod (addition of) View article
11. 19 Jan 2002 Chris (0) More info View article

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