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02 Sep 2012LED Meter Lamp Modification.
28 May 2012ICOM IC-R71A modification by Denis Renaud.
23 Oct 2011Synchronous detector for the Icom R71.
05 Aug 2010Troubleshooting IC-R71A / E
06 Feb 2010IC-R71A - selecting extra functions from front panel
02 Feb 2010AM distortion fix ICOM R71a
14 Jan 2010Power supply mod for Icom IC-R71e
17 Feb 2009ICOM R-71A Processor Noise Cure
03 Mar 2006Tiny homemade PC DOS programmer device for ICOMs family
14 Jan 2004Improve the S-meter sensitivity after warm up
18 Nov 2001RAM board programming interface & R71A modification
30 Mar 2001RAM Card Backup Battery Replacement Instructions
23 Aug 1998R-71A Memory Notes
19 Jul 1998Here is the R-71 version of the Drake R7/R8 type passband tuning system
19 Jul 1998Modifications to the Icom R71A IF filter selection circuit
19 Jul 1998Tricking the ICOM R-71A to tune below 100 KHz
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Date Author Subject
1. 18 Jan 2015 Marcia Yould (0) Update on type of LED to use... View article
2. 04 Dec 2013 claudio tonfoni (0) IZ5MOH View article
3. 06 Aug 2010 Steve Bushell (7) AM distortion fix ICOM R-71a View article
4. 18 May 2009 Randy Wightman (1) Rear connector
5. 04 May 2009 Michael St. Amand (0) Digital Noise View article
6. 31 May 2005 Greg (0) Problem with the Matrix board
7. 17 Jul 2002 Paul - G7VAK (0) Tricking IC-R71 for LF reception View article

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