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27 Apr 2013Quick and easy illumination fix for Yaesu FT290R MK1 and other variants
04 Dec 2011Fault at startup. Meter full scalle no TX or RX on FT-290R
04 Feb 2009A new life for the Yaesu FT-290R
11 Jul 2007Essential mods-guide by PE1RLN.
14 Sep 2005FT-290 MKII MARS/CAP operation modification
02 Aug 2003FT290 Mk1 Adding RIT/XIT
28 Mar 1999Common faults found on the FT-290R
28 Mar 1999FT-290R Mk1 - mod for 1kc and 100hz steps on FM for satellite working
28 Mar 1999Some small mods for FT-290 MK I
28 Mar 1999How to prevent the touch-tone pad from automatically keying up your rig
19 Jul 1998FT-290RII 12,5KHz-Raster!
19 Jul 1998Problem width packet
19 Jul 1998FT-290R (first version) Extensions
19 Jul 1998FT790RI und FT290RI f++r 9k9
19 Jul 1998Appendix by DG3UAP (with acknowledgements to Ian, G0JRE)
19 Jul 1998FT-290 Bulb-Replacement
19 Jul 1998Yaesu FT290R for TXV use
19 Jul 1998Modification of tuning range
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Date Author Subject
1. 02 Sep 2013 Phillip John (0) Similar FC102 Problem View article
2. 09 Dec 2011 Friedhelm Lichtenthaeler (1) FT-250R2 surpressing the key clicks
3. 08 Aug 2007 vonhomer (0) FT290r
4. 02 Jan 2005 VK2DLI (0) Replacement Processor chip
5. 31 May 2004 Cliff (0) FT 290 R2 AGC
6. 21 Mar 2004 bravo20 (0) ft290r bulb
7. 19 Mar 2004 mw3cur (0) FT-290 Mk1 bulb replacement additional
8. 12 Mar 2004 Dirk (0) FT-290 Bulb Replacement GERMAN LANGUAGE
9. 14 Nov 1999 Ian Vowles (0) Tip View article

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