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21 Apr 2000TH-77A Memory loss with low battery pack
19 Jul 1998Umbauanleitung fuer das TH77e von Kenwood fuer 9600 Baud
19 Jul 1998Expanded RX/TX for TH-77A
19 Jul 1998receive AM aircraft
19 Jul 1998Crossband repeat
19 Jul 1998TH-77A PLL Unlock Override Mod
19 Jul 1998Pushing the TH-77A UHF receiver higher in frequency
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Date Author Subject
1. 05 Aug 2013 Francesco Pagliano (0) TH-77 TRANSPONDER NOT ENABLE
2. 16 Apr 2008 stephan leeman (0) How to change 1.6 Mhz shift into 2 Mhz shift??
3. 01 Jul 2005 Fabrizio Centenari (6) TH77 do not Xmit
4. 28 Apr 2005 G4WPS (0) TH-77E Help Request Re-Frequency Expansion Mod
5. 21 Jan 2005 Anonymous (0) TH-77 damn green wire
6. 15 Jan 2003 Ivan Marinkovic (0) Oops..where's the green wire? View article

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