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19 Aug 2007Changing the antena conector for FT-530
14 Aug 2006cooling the moduls
30 Jul 2000FT530 Extended RX/TX software mod.
22 Aug 1999Yaesu FT-530, Tune Any Freq. EASILY Between 110 and 950 inclusive
18 Dec 1998FT-530 Extended RX/TX Mod Update
19 Jul 1998Extended range for FT-530 New models
19 Jul 1998Yaesu FT530 AM receive
19 Jul 1998Expanded frequency range up to 950 MHz
19 Jul 1998FT-530 f++r 9600 Baud
19 Jul 1998RX 110-180, 300-500 MHz and TX 130-180, 400-470 MHz
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Date Author Subject
1. 06 Oct 2014 david runion (1) ft 530 -won't turn on.
2. 27 May 2007 mauricio (0) ft 530
3. 05 Jun 2006 david twittey (1) ft530
4. 11 Dec 2005 OBH (0) French notice FT530
5. 02 Jun 2005 mike (0) Extended TX dosent work
6. 03 Mar 2005 m.nejat yilmazbayhan (0) fnb-25 or fnb-28
7. 12 Feb 2005 Peleg Lapid (1) Can not extended RX/TX Freq range
8. 01 Mar 2004 Anonymous (0) setting vhf/uhf rx/tx?
9. 31 Oct 2003 HENRY, VA3HVM (0) ft-530 mod View article
10. 17 Jul 2003 K6JQ (0) AM detection View article
11. 28 Apr 2003 Gary (0) My FT530 has two green wires. View article
12. 29 Aug 2002 F. E. Brody, A10382 (0) Notes on teh FT-530 Tx/Rx Extend mod View article

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