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05 Apr 2010How to connect a S-meter to the Kenwood TM-721A or TM-731A
16 Apr 2000TM-721A AF pa white noise with squelch on
16 Apr 2000TM-721A S-Meter deflection due to pulse noise
16 Apr 2000TM-721A Microcomputer Lock-up
17 Jul 1999TM-721 cross-band repeater (another)
19 Jul 1998TM-721A for 9600 baud
19 Jul 1998TM-721A Low/No VHF Transmit Power
19 Jul 1998Modifying the Kenwood TM-721A for Extended UHF Coverage
19 Jul 1998The programming resistors do the following
19 Jul 1998TM-721A wide band mod
19 Jul 1998IC-721E RX/TX mod 142 - 152 MHz mods
19 Jul 1998New LCD Readout for Kenwood TM-721A
19 Jul 1998Tuning the 721 UHF for 460 MHz
19 Jul 1998Time-out timer
19 Jul 1998Modification from Kenwood on the TM-721A for adding cross-band
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Date Author Subject
1. 08 Feb 2017 William George (0) incandescent display light bulbs View article
2. 27 Jan 2006 Anonymous (0) TM-721E
3. 21 Apr 2005 ZP5ZDM Milhen Christian (0) TM-721A wide band mod (Spanish - Espa?ol)
4. 29 Oct 2004 Jeff Angus (0) RC-10 communication View article
5. 30 Jun 2004 VK3WL (0) TM 731A Service Manual, VSWR protection on UHF.
6. 26 Oct 2003 m3atl (0) goodstuf on all thank you View article

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