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24 Jan 2017ON_OFF random error on TM-742
15 Mar 2016TM-7842 lowering temperature.
06 Jan 2013Kenwood TM742 Power ON-OFF failure
23 Dec 2012Intermediate Power-On-Off-Failure or completely dead TM742
04 Dec 2011Kenwood TM-742 Completely dead TM-742 #2
04 Oct 2010TM-742, heating problems of the RF powermodules
09 Oct 2009TM-742, avoiding Control unit repair or change
25 Dec 2007TM-742 Modulation improvement and power module life lengthening advice
22 Apr 2005Kenwood TM-742 Lithium Battery Replacement
01 Apr 2005Repair Tip 2m TX-RX Unit for TM-742
23 Jan 2003Kenwood TM742-TM942 completely dead??????
25 Nov 2000TM-742 Control Unit X53-346X-XX **B/2** TX Mod
23 Apr 2000TM-642/742/942A Microprocessor change
23 Apr 2000TM-742/942A Microprocessor change
23 Apr 2000TM-742/942 28 MHz/50 MHz RC TX failure
28 Mar 1999TM-742/942 Beyond Mars/CAP Mod. Guide
19 Jul 1998Modification of TM-742 & 942
19 Jul 1998Extended frequency for TM-742E
19 Jul 1998Fan Delay time setting
19 Jul 1998Wireless remote control with DTMF handheld transceiver
19 Jul 1998CHANGE YOUR TM-742E TO A TM-942E (who don't exist on the market)
19 Jul 1998Microprocessor Change, TM642/742/942
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Date Author Subject
1. 01 Jan 2014 SergeyFF (0) UT-28S
2. 30 May 2013 SergeyFF (2) 28Мгц. how to open? ? View article
3. 20 Sep 2012 Michael Warner (0) Fan Delay time setting for TM-742A View article
4. 02 Jan 2012 Jerry Kendrick (0) Battery type View article
5. 03 Dec 2011 Edwin (0) An other likely reason for a dead TM-742 View article
6. 09 Nov 2010 pablo martinak (0) heating problems of the RF powermodules' View article
7. 07 Jul 2006 James Church (0) Th- 742E Mod View article
8. 04 Jul 2006 Jack Parnell (0) deviation for 2m
9. 23 Feb 2006 pino (0) fate pietè View article
10. 16 Oct 2005 Norbert (0) Bedienungsanleitung TM 742 als pdf
11. 28 Jan 2004 Ken (0) New Kenwood Website View article
12. 25 Dec 2003 ulisse (0) diagram of tm724e View article
13. 26 Oct 2003 ulisse (0) tm742e View article
14. 25 May 2003 Vic / KE4QJK (0) Thanks for the HELPFUL repair notes! View article
15. 13 May 2003 F5HOR (0) Thanks you for this information View article
16. 17 Feb 2003 BAT (0) TM-942 View article

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