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21 Jun 2011TM-V7E frequency adjustment
20 Jan 2006TM-V7A/E conversion document
08 Dec 2002Working programming cable TM-V7e
28 Oct 2001Conversion document
28 Oct 2001Computer interface for TM-V7A&E
02 Jul 2000Expanded RX/TX and crossband repeater
02 Dec 1999PG-4S programmer cable for the TM-V7x
28 Mar 1999Expanding the Kenwood TM-V7: A & E versions
19 Jul 1998TM-V7E mike & PF1 <> PF4 (1750hz)
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Date Author Subject
1. 14 Jun 2011 Bill Jepson (0) TM v71e deafness
3. 09 Nov 2005 Graham Wright (0) Received DTMF tones changing settings
4. 19 Jun 2005 André Kruse (0) i think i am to stupid for ham radio View article
5. 19 Jun 2005 André Kruse (0) extended mode --Remote control? View article
6. 14 Nov 2004 artje (0) kenwood tmv 7e
7. 20 Jun 2003 HL5BXG (0) New Method to exp TX View article
8. 21 Apr 2003 PA5LS (0) Cable works fb ! View article
9. 30 Jan 2003 SIMULTAN (0) TM-V7E View article
10. 24 Jan 2003 PZ1AC otto (0) tm-v7e receive mod ok but no tx expansion View article
11. 17 Jan 2003 Trevor Joel Liburd (0) TM-V7 cell mod View article
12. 02 Feb 2002 philip (0) kenwood tmv7 extended tx View article
13. 13 Oct 2001 Bg36c (0) DTSS View article

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