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13 Jun 2010TS-120V No Display noTX no RX all bands
11 Oct 2009TS-120S, No digital, no RX /TX on 21 and 28 MHz
02 Jan 2008Emission simultaneous of CW for TS-120S
26 Jun 2006Breakdown (problems) on TS120
14 Sep 2002TS130 and TS120 2 MHz conversion
19 Mar 2000TS-120S Ant input transformator replacement (2)
20 Feb 2000TS-120S Final protection
20 Feb 2000TS-120S, TS-180S phone patch terminal addition
14 Jan 2000TS-120V: Reduced RX current consumption
19 Jul 1998TS-120S Full CW output in ssb mode
19 Jul 1998TS-120S TX oscillation
19 Jul 1998TS-120S Band Pass Filter Change
19 Jul 1998TS-120 Repair Notes
19 Jul 1998TS-120S Ant Input Transformer Replacement
19 Jul 1998TS-120S Final Transistor Replacement
19 Jul 1998TS-120S VOX operation pick-up time
19 Jul 1998TS-120S VFO Stability
19 Jul 1998Hum in SSB TX, TS-120S and others
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Date Author Subject
1. 13 Jun 2016 Per Fredriksen (0) TS-120S 60 meter band
2. 13 May 2015 claudio steve (2) ts 120s Kenwood without tx / rx in 10/15 mts View article
3. 01 Mar 2013 jeanmichel (1) ts 120 kenwood modification bande 11 metres
4. 12 Dec 2008 alan nilsson (0) ts-120s unlock
5. 08 Jan 2008 David Cottee (0) LED addition View article
6. 06 Jan 2008 David Cottee (0) additional info for transistor replacement View article
7. 22 Aug 2007 Eno Ramlani (0) Power TS120
8. 26 Jun 2006 Philip (2) No RX /TX on 21 or 28 Mhz
9. 26 Jun 2006 Philip (0) No function in LSB or USB
10. 16 Mar 2006 loren dale (0) kenwood 120 s mode switch replacement
11. 07 Jul 2005 KA7QOR (0) Doesnt work on my TS130V View article
12. 12 Dec 2004 KC8VJD (0) Use your MFJ297 with your TS120
13. 22 May 2004 ve7lgt (0) ALC/Ic switch wired in reverse
14. 11 Oct 2003 Rich McElroy kb2zgf (0) not for all bands View article

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