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11 Feb 2008S/PWR meter bulb replacement for TS-140s
06 Feb 2008Enable squelch on all modes for TS-140s
08 Oct 2002TS-140 10kc resolution
15 Nov 2001Kenwood TS-140S tip
16 Apr 2000TS-140S Momentary transmission when VOX is turned on
19 Jul 1998TS-140S Sidetone Mod
19 Jul 1998TS-140S Intermittent loss of TX power
19 Jul 1998Broadcast Sensitivity Modification for the TS680S / 140S
19 Jul 1998TS-140S TX all freq mod and maintenance
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Date Author Subject
1. 29 Jun 2016 Dean (0) Replace front-panel tactile button switches
2. 03 Apr 2015 Dennis Owen (1) TS-140s Problem: Too sensitive to antenna SWR
3. 03 Jul 2011 Claude Serres. (0) Kenwood TS140S Transceiver Blower
4. 12 Apr 2010 Eric (0) kenwood TS140s bulb replacement View article
5. 24 Apr 2008 George McClintock (0) TS 140S View article
6. 16 Mar 2006 didier08 (1) boite d'accord yeasu
7. 06 Jun 2005 reynald (0) help me for the manip View article
8. 11 May 2005 Joachim Seibert (1) tuning steps toggle View article
9. 25 Mar 2005 W7US (0) TS-140
10. 12 Dec 2004 EA4ENF CESAR (0) problems with the ALC on my TS-140s
11. 14 Nov 2004 EA4ENF CESAR (1) change the 10khz value for M.CH/VCO HC knob
12. 14 Nov 2004 EA4ENF CESAR (0) not work on my TS140s View article
13. 13 May 2004 Setkeycodes (1) Interfacing TS 140S with PC
14. 04 Aug 2003 anyham (0) ts-140 mod View article
15. 06 Jun 2003 Archie AD3N (0) Mod. for TS-140s to tranmsit in NEW 5 Mhz. area View article
16. 06 Jun 2003 Archie AD3N (0) Mod. for TS-140s to tranmsit in NEW 5 khz. area View article
17. 30 Mar 2003 dl3ecn (0) TS140S Sideton View article
18. 13 Oct 2002 kiu (0) modification kenwood ts 140 s send of all freqenzy View article

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