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22 Apr 2014Erratic fluctuations on the Sub Band RX on TS-790E (A)
08 Jan 2011TS-790 Unlinear Modulation 2m SSB (probalbly 70cm also 70cm)
20 Feb 2007TS790 - CTCSS Subaudio to loud (after conversion E to A version)
30 Nov 2006FM 455Khz ceramic filter choice
05 Aug 2006Very bad transmitting audio 144 MHz USB
10 Aug 2004TS790 tone encoder enable (more easy)
18 Nov 2001TS790 SSB Power Up
09 Nov 2001Convert TS790E to the USA TS790K and RX/TX mod
01 Nov 2001Kenwood TS790 ALC-modification
22 Sep 2001TS-790 A/E 9600bd via ACC4 port RX-problem
01 Feb 2001TS-790 SSB Power Increase
11 Aug 2000800MHz Recieve Mod for Kenwood TS-790
19 Jul 1998TS790E - Burned out diode
19 Jul 1998TS-790 with serial frequency control
19 Jul 1998TS-790 cross band repeater mod
19 Jul 1998UO-14 RX frequency tracking for TS-790/FT-736
19 Jul 1998TS-790 & 9600 Baud Operation (Rev 2)
19 Jul 1998TS-790A for use with the paccomm MC-NB96 G3RUH
19 Jul 1998TS-790 mods.for G3RUH/TAPR-PSK
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Date Author Subject
1. 17 Aug 2013 Dennis King (0) TS790 power TX output on 2m
2. 12 Jul 2012 Robert Merritt K0ALN (0) Vox operation w/TS790A
3. 06 Jul 2010 Anonymous (0) IK4CIE is a Gent. View article
4. 30 Mar 2009 David Cromer (0) TS-790 Cat Control Problem
5. 14 Dec 2008 Joe Daley (0) TS790 Cross band mod question
6. 25 Aug 2008 Ragge Jagero (0) Separate receiver input mods in TS-790E
7. 01 Sep 2007 Nick B. (0) Access to memory battery and programming diodes
8. 19 Feb 2007 Johannes Seitz (0) TS790E/A CTCSS too loud - Subtone zu laut
9. 11 Jul 2005 Hans, PA3HGT (0) sensitivity TS790A/E
10. 18 Apr 2005 Joe (0) Please Help !!!
11. 17 Feb 2005 Fredrik Hansson (0) 430Mhz Duplex -2mhz?
12. 14 Jul 2004 Nick B. (1) Dim or uneven SUB band display
13. 09 May 2004 Hans Meiser (0) Kenwood TS 790E Frequency Adjust ??? View article
14. 15 Jan 2004 Robert Feliciano (0) TX-RX OUT OF BAND TM-790 View article
15. 29 May 2003 KJ6KO (0) 906 MHz and 300MHz info View article
16. 08 Nov 2001 Hans, PA3HGT (0) Photos View article

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