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15 Sep 2013TS-820S DG-1 Frequency display instability
13 Sep 2012Restoring the Kenwood TS-820 DG-1 Frequency Display
07 Sep 2011Alignment of the TS-820 or TS-820S mono-scale dial
19 Jun 2010TS-820 Adjustment Procedure corrections
04 Nov 2008KENWOOD TS-820S Double defect.
17 Aug 2008KENWOOD TS-820S. Bizarre "Disruption" of the frequency, on display.
07 Aug 2008TS-820(S) Improved receive audio (hiss reduction)
28 Apr 2008Kenwood TS-520, 530, 820 & 820 series transceivers
01 Apr 2007TS-520 / 820 Series PA Modifications
29 Mar 2007TS-820 (S)Alignment corrections
23 Jan 2007Kenwood TS-820S unstable frequency display on 10 meters
02 Jan 2007TS-820(S) RF unit shock hazard
11 Dec 2004TS-820 receive problem after transmitting
16 Jul 2002Additional info about the VCO table in the Service manual for TS-820
02 Apr 2000DS-2 Replaces DS-1A DC-DC Converter
20 Feb 2000General Alignment Procedure for the TS-820(s)
13 Feb 2000Microphone input attenuator for TS-820
13 Feb 2000TS-820 RIT modification
19 Jul 1998New Display Tube for DG-1
19 Jul 1998TS-520, TS-820 CW filter select control
19 Jul 1998Installing AUX Band in TS-820 (RX only)
19 Jul 1998TA7201P Substitution Parts Kit
19 Jul 1998TS-820 Speech Processor Alignment
19 Jul 1998General Notes on TS-820S
19 Jul 1998TS-820 Fix the problem with the display
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Date Author Subject
1. 16 Dec 2013 Anonymous (0) TS 820s Frequency display View article
2. 12 Jun 2013 clifford wright (0) TS 820s audio upgrade View article
3. 14 Jan 2011 Anthony Mokelkie (0) display ts820s
4. 14 Jan 2011 Anthony Mokelkie (0) display View article
5. 30 Jun 2010 Jack Cutting (2) Kenwood TS820s View article
6. 18 Aug 2007 John Palmar (0) VFO drift on TS 820S
7. 20 Feb 2007 J. Ron Cheshire (0) Replacing the Finals in the TS-520
8. 21 Oct 2006 tim (0) ts-820 and transverters
9. 04 Jun 2006 Roger Alms (0) Blown cathode bias resistors in final amp
10. 24 May 2006 Dennis D. (0) ts50s
11. 21 Apr 2006 tim (0) TS 820s & Transverters
12. 30 Oct 2005 clifford wright (0) Experience with RX frontend mods for TS-820/830
13. 15 Aug 2005 DON (0) Need help: 11m mod for TS-820S
14. 11 Aug 2005 tony swan (0) ts520 am mod
15. 02 Mar 2005 ted (0) TS-820 Meter goes full-scale, no sound
16. 07 Dec 2004 Anonymous (0) TS-820 TX relay replacement part numbers
17. 17 Oct 2004 kd4jwf (2) Manual, tunning... ch select button

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