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25 May 2008SDR-Shell for IF Applications for TS-850SAT
11 May 2002Kenwood TS850sat RX problems
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Date Author Subject
1. 09 Jun 2009 William Carper (0) Mod to eliminate attentuation of MW MCM
2. 23 Oct 2007 Larry D. (0) M.CH/VFO.CH switch jumping steps
3. 04 Dec 2006 Gena (0) ts-850
4. 15 Sep 2006 Benjamin Kaindl (0) CAT Interface Protocol or Commands searched
5. 30 Oct 2005 Roar (0) TX mod for TS-850SAT
6. 22 Apr 2005 Adrian (0) TS850SAT ATU Inductor modification.
7. 25 Dec 2004 VK4KDD (0) Poorman TCXO for TS850(SAT)
8. 06 Jan 2004 Mike PA3FPZ (0) DIY repair View article
9. 21 May 2002 Mike PA3FPZ (0) Dry solder joints TS850sat View article

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