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09 May 2013TS590S improvement for SSB-Mode
01 Apr 2013Replacing Q8 unreliable 2sc2922 for robust and realiable NTE2533 for TS-950SDX
07 Jan 2013TS-950SDX EPROM update IC19 - removal & inst IC holder
28 Aug 2012TS-950SDX 160 meter for E-2 model.
22 Feb 2012TS-950SD Low VS-2 Audio level on early models
18 Nov 2011TS-950 Jumping S-meter, RF-gain closing, AGC voltage swinging.
02 Aug 2011General coverage modification for TS-950SDX
15 Jan 2010160 meter power mod for TS-950SDX
03 Jan 2010Firmware eprom image for Kenwood TS-950SDX
02 Feb 2008TS950SDX no AudioFreqency
02 Jan 2008No BF in speaker only in headphone for TS-950S and other
02 Jan 2008A way NOT to switch off your TS-950S/SD
15 Jan 2006Preventing final FETs failure for Kenwood TS-950SDX
04 Feb 2005Front-panel Sidetone Level Control for the Kenwood TS-950S
30 Jan 2004W6NL Keying Jitter Correction Circuit for the TS-950
26 Jan 2004Carrier Adjustment for TS-950S/SD (not SDX)
25 Jan 2004Enable TX Filter Selection in TS-950SDX
23 Nov 2003TS-950SD Antenna Tuner modification
25 Mar 2003New ears to the TS-950SDX
28 Mar 2002Using Subreceiver to Improve TS-950 Noise Blanker
22 Mar 2002TS-950 SO2 Adjust
23 Feb 2002Implementation of the K6XX QSK Waveform Mod in the TS-950SD
02 Dec 2001Kenwood TS-950S & TS-950SD RF gain mod
20 Jan 2001Countermeassure against cold solder joint at the resistor block; CP1-CP4 in the PLL unit.
23 Apr 2000TS-950 Noise with Sub-Band noise blanker ON
23 Apr 2000TS-950SDX Change of Gate resistor type
23 Apr 2000TS-950SD 18.115 MHz spur
23 Apr 2000TS-950SDX Sub band residual noise
23 Apr 2000TS-950SDX Carrier point adjustment
23 Apr 2000TS-950SDX No VFO B after "split"
23 Apr 2000TS-950SDX YG-455S-1 Installation note
23 Apr 2000TS-950 Hum with monitor ON
23 Apr 2000TS-950 14.200 MHz transmit spur
23 Apr 2000TS-950 Low power output after temp. protection
23 Apr 2000TS-950 Infinite SWR at beginning of transmission
23 Apr 2000TS-950 Smoke from antenna tuner unit
23 Apr 2000TS-950S/SDX Transmit spur
23 Apr 2000TS-950SDX "click noise" with NOTCH ON
22 Apr 2000TS-950SDX Mode switching
22 Apr 2000TS-950SDX No beep in headphones
22 Apr 2000TS-950SDX Distorted DRU-2 TX audio
22 Apr 2000TS-950SDX w/K1EA Ver. 8 Program (Revised)
22 Apr 2000TS-950SDX Speech processor
22 Apr 2000TS-950SDX 3rd order IMD standardization
22 Apr 2000TS-950SDX Key click w/bug type keyer
21 Apr 2000TS-950S/SD TX image on 18.115 MHz
21 Apr 2000TS-950S/SD 80 meter spurious emission
21 Apr 2000TS-950S Final bias circuit change
21 Apr 2000TS-950S Rear panel cooling fan
20 Apr 2000TS-950SD Speech processor noise
20 Apr 2000TS-950SD N.B. Gate switching noise
20 Apr 2000TS-950SD Early protection with TL-922A
20 Apr 2000TS-950SD Two second TX power delay with MONI on
20 Apr 2000TS-950SD RX digital noise
20 Apr 2000TS-950/SD Receiver noise
30 May 1999Kenwood TS-950-SDX Allows sub-rcvr to be on different band than Main receiver
19 Jul 1998Kenwood TS-950 Power On Funktions
19 Jul 1998TS-950SD general coverage transmit mod
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Date Author Subject
1. 11 Jun 2015 Istvan Muhari (0) TS950S trasverter mód
2. 19 May 2013 Maksic Sasa (0) TS-590S ssb avg powerful
3. 29 Jan 2012 gordon mccallum (1) ts950 is on tx only
4. 01 Aug 2011 Hans (0) extra picture View article
5. 20 Mar 2010 Ken Barnett (0) TS 950 SD TX Failure "HELP" Please.
6. 14 Feb 2010 MARC McINTYRE (1) Removing and installing Eprom View article
7. 06 Jan 2008 hans-joachim rostek (0) TS-950S Digital final transistor failure View article
8. 13 Dec 2007 david sayles (0) genral tx View article
9. 17 Jan 2007 duerr engelbertEnterNameHere (0) ts950sdx
10. 30 Apr 2006 zl4ai (0) TS-950sdx: how to Fix Raspy Audio Problems
11. 18 Jan 2006 Gilbert VANDERHAEGEN (0) 40m band expansion
12. 05 Sep 2005 Leon Donner (0) Power from 10 to 100 watts on 160m
13. 08 Feb 2005 zl4ai (0) Does anyone know who wrote this article? View article
14. 23 Nov 2004 steve (0) rx on sub View article
15. 12 Nov 2004 ve3fu (0) TS-950SD - No USB/LSB on Main RX
16. 16 Sep 2004 I2DMI (0) TX inhibit for use with ACOM amplifiers
17. 11 Sep 2004 Anonymous (0) ts950sd general coverage transmit mod. View article
18. 03 Aug 2004 Chris (0) Final Transitor Protection TS-950SD
19. 08 Feb 2004 Frank Riley (0) Limited Use View article
20. 25 Jan 2004 Duke, NA1A (0) Frequency Calibration in TS-950SDX View article
21. 11 Jan 2003 T R MORTIMER (0) Key-click Filter mod. View article

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