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28 Jan 2003The DX-394 FAQ
08 Dec 2002Main printed circuit board layout
08 Dec 2002Switchable IF Bandwidth for the DX-394
17 Oct 2002Understanding the Principles of DX-394 Frequency Tuning:
17 Oct 2002Join RADIOSHACKDX394 Special Interest Group
31 Aug 2002DX-394 AGC Circuit
15 Aug 2002Options for the DX-394 Telescoping Whip Antenna
13 Aug 2002Ultimate Shielding of the DX-394
09 Aug 2002Superior Shielding of the DX-394 with Steel Lids
06 Aug 2002RS-232 Serial Control of DX-394
03 Aug 2002Shielding the DX-394 with Aluminum Foil
01 Aug 2002VHF Image Filter for the DX-394 Whip Antenna
01 Aug 2002Soup up the DX-394 Knob Pointers
28 Jul 2002Adding Front Panel Switches to the Radio Shack DX-394 General Coverage Receiver
09 Jul 2002Radio Shack DX-394 Standby Mod
23 Jul 2000Ceramic filter mod for AM
23 Jul 2000AGC mod
23 Jul 2000Crosstalk mods
23 Jul 2000Audio enhancement
23 Jul 2000Keyboard beep delete
23 Jul 2000Audio HISS mod
23 Jul 2000Noise blanker mod
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Date Author Subject
1. 12 Jan 2014 Tom Goodfellow (0) dx-394 manual View article
2. 08 May 2005 (0) Display Test
3. 07 Apr 2005 Tom Holden (0) Excellent New DX-394 Mods Site
4. 01 Mar 2005 Anonymous (0) RADIOSHACKDX394 Forum
5. 17 Oct 2004 Tom Holden (0) Not needed for Model 'B' View article
6. 09 Sep 2003 Tom Holden (0) Special Interest Group for serial control of the DX-394 View article
7. 04 Jan 2003 Tom Holden (0) Change to resistor values for AGC defeat View article
8. 31 Aug 2002 Tom Holden (0) More on DX-394 AGC View article
9. 24 Aug 2002 Tom Holden (0) Correction: Schottky diode on Q34, NOT Q32 View article
10. 24 Aug 2002 Tom Holden (0) Plug the whip or equivalent into the LO-Z input for VHF imag View article
11. 24 Aug 2002 Tom Holden (0) More on why the Lo-Z input mitigates VHF image suppression View article
12. 23 Aug 2002 Tom Holden (0) Switchable Filters View article
13. 04 Aug 2002 Tom Holden (0) Toronto source for CEC data line filter View article
14. 10 Jul 2002 Tom Holden (0) Good one View article
15. 10 Jul 2002 Tom Holden (0) Frank's AGC mod worked for me View article

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