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29 Jan 2008Constant Transmit (again) for C528
08 Dec 2006Repairing a Standard C528 radio with constant TX
27 Aug 2001Maximum TX and RX range for C-528
04 Aug 2001C528 keeps transmitting
21 Apr 2000Standard HT 528 mods (999MHz)
19 Jul 1998Quick Chart
19 Jul 1998Extra memory functions, 40 memory channels OR separate TX/RX Freq
19 Jul 1998Setting band edges on VHF/UHF RX/TX
19 Jul 1998Umbau des TRX C-528 f++r 9600bd
19 Jul 1998Upgrade C520/C528 to using rechargable batteries
19 Jul 1998Extra functions for the Standard C520/528
19 Jul 1998Cloning C520,C528 over the air
19 Jul 1998Expanding range of standard C520/C528
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Date Author Subject
1. 09 Oct 2013 Paul Crichton (4) Drumming sound on power up
2. 02 May 2008 Matthias (0) message to Constant Transmit (again) for C528 View article
3. 26 Aug 2006 Anonymous (0) schematic c528
4. 06 Jul 2006 Ken Millis (2) C528 Lithium Memory Battery drains quickly
5. 20 Apr 2006 rene (0) standard c528
6. 18 Jan 2006 g0lib (0) Leaking capacitors!! View article
7. 24 Feb 2004 Roel (0) Answer to your problem View article
8. 11 Jan 2004 stefan, DG4OBB (0) the same problem View article
9. 31 Jul 2003 NL2GER (0) Modification View article

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