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18 Aug 2009Yaesu FL-7000 bands Light & Memory Backup
14 Jun 2009How to change scale lamps Yaesu FL-7000, fitting lamp
11 Jun 2009Repair of Yaesu FL-7000 RX signal dropouts
11 Nov 2005FL-7000 RF Power Transistors (2SC2652)
22 Aug 1998FL-7000 desensitize the protection circuitry
19 Jul 1998FL-7000 10 meter transmit mods
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Date Author Subject
1. 06 May 2012 Joe (0) Translate for Japan View article
2. 08 Apr 2009 Tex Ihasz (1) fl7000 compatibilty with the ft950
3. 08 Apr 2009 Tex Ihasz (0) fl7000 compatibilty with the ft950
4. 23 Jun 2005 John Francis G3LWI (0) FL-7000 Microprocessor resetting
5. 30 May 2005 wa6yne (4) Band Select via FT-847 interface cable?

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