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01 Dec 2016RX issue strong interfering Signals every 18 kHz on FT-1000D
28 Dec 2015Yaesu FT-1000 Meter Lamp Replacement
28 Dec 2015FT-1000 S meter inoperative, poor or no main receive in AM/CW mode. Sub RX OK.
01 Apr 2015Controlling FT-1K from Logger32 on FT-1000D
05 Nov 2009Audible hum when transmitting on FT-1000D
08 May 2006CW pitch or side tone with 551Hz for Yaesu FT-1000
05 Mar 2006FT-1000D Random CW Filter for RX2
01 Oct 2004FT1000D and FT1000 Receiver Noise Reduction Modification
29 Mar 2004Extended RX/TX FT1000D with photo's Print this message.
28 Dec 2003FT-1000D sub receiver mod
28 Dec 2003QRM from the CW TUNE LED for FT-1000D
27 Dec 2003FT-1000D Subreceiver BPF antenna modification
09 Aug 2003FT-1000D Rx Ant Mod
09 Aug 2003Yaesu FT-1000 D CAT Interface
09 Aug 2003FT-1000D 250 Hz Filter Modification
09 Aug 2003FT-1000D Key Click Modification
15 Dec 2002FT-1000 Noise Blanker Mod via
07 Sep 2002FT1000D Hidden Menu, OPEN BANDS
21 Mar 1999QSK with FT-990 and FT-1000
19 Jul 1998FT-1000 60M MARS/CAP transmit modification
19 Jul 1998Some info
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Date Author Subject
1. 03 May 2017 FLORIAN (0) A QUOI SA SAIRE View article
2. 17 Sep 2012 Anonymous (0) Reset the transceiver View article
3. 10 Oct 2011 Anonymous (0) Bad Info View article
4. 11 Dec 2009 Henri v Rensburg (0) fc1000 tuner help wanted View article
5. 26 Apr 2008 Dennis Alexander (0) THIS IS NOT for FT-1000D; wrong radio View article
6. 17 Mar 2008 Anonymous (0) Wrong information View article
7. 28 May 2007 Anonymous (0) FT1000 eprom version "6"
8. 18 Mar 2007 ken smith (0) ft 1000 audio
9. 18 Mar 2007 ken smith (0) ft 1000 audio
10. 22 Feb 2007 Bernd707 (0) Defect or Software problem ? FT1000 blinking ?
11. 28 Jan 2007 Bernd707 (0) Yaesu FT 1000 Driver Transistor where to by ??
12. 06 Jun 2005 Larsen (0) FT-1000 problem with receiver sensibility
13. 20 Mar 2005 k4nnk (2) J03 unsolder? View article
14. 21 Apr 2004 PA3HGT (0) no hidden menu on FT1000(D) View article
15. 29 Sep 2003 Roy (0) FT1000 not a mp View article
16. 10 Sep 2002 LU9DPJ (0) Is for FT-1000/D hidden menu, OPEN BAND?? View article

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