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19 Dec 2016FP-1030A, 400 Hz whistling sounds when idle
22 Nov 2015Modification FTL-1011 6m to 10m
08 Apr 2014Interface Yaesu FT-8X7 with Codan Tuner Antenna 9350
10 Feb 2014VFO and Fan replacement for Yaesu FT-DX401
24 Apr 2013SMA to BNC ADAPTER for YAESU HT
09 Jan 2013Improve the caller audio on DVS-2
11 Sep 2010Speaker mic notes
21 Jun 2010DATACABLE Mod for YAESU VX-3, VX-6, VX-8, VX-170, VX-177, FT-270, etc.
19 Jan 2008Fixing dark display in many Yaesu transceivers
08 Sep 2007EchoLink connection with ULI IF box
19 Mar 2006Clon software for Yaesu FTH and FTL radioes
28 May 2005Yaesu and other 6 transistor interface board - by KA1ILH es KB1MHE
01 Jan 2005Repairing Yaesu-kenpro Rotors...
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Date Author Subject
1. 16 Apr 2017 bilo uwe (0) Yaesu FC1000 - Antenna-Tuner
2. 20 Jun 2014 Michele Di Masi Jr. (0) Yeasu YC-500S
3. 30 Jun 2013 (0) yaesu pf 1030a poewr supply
4. 30 Aug 2012 Mike Sherrod (0) MARS Freq. modification on FT-817ND
5. 05 Aug 2008 Howard Winter (0) Repairing Yaesu-Kenpro Rotors-alternative pot. View article
6. 04 Jul 2007 Clyde Hyman (0) Yaesu FC 420 antenna Coupler
7. 02 Jun 2007 Ziv Amit (0) ym-28
8. 17 Nov 2005 Lisa KD5VNA (0) G 800 DXA
9. 03 Oct 2005 9a2us (0) yaesu ftl-2011
10. 10 Sep 2005 discorocity (0) vxa-150

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