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31 Oct 2015Interfacing the ICOM MA-500TR Class B AIS transponder to other navigation equipment
01 Jul 2013Icom ICBP3 - battery pack repair
10 Sep 2012Power ON LED modification for ICOM CT-17
30 Jun 2011Modification of the Icom IC-UR8050 UHF Commercial repeater for HAM radio
16 Mar 2006MH-12 Yaesu mic on Icom radios
21 Feb 2006Reset av Icom radiostationer
02 Feb 2006Yaesu ADMS1E cable for ICOM
28 Jun 2003Programming software for ICOM
22 Aug 2002ICOM OPC-478 interface cable and schematic
23 Nov 2001QRP mod for ICOM transceivers
03 Nov 2001Icom Hex Addresses
13 May 2001Use ICOM SM-20 Mic to Yaesu ,Kenwood, etc.
09 Nov 2000Reset ICOM radios
19 Jul 1998CAT interface for any ICOM
19 Jul 1998BNC connectors for ICOM HTs replacement
19 Jul 1998ICxx71 ram adaptor for use with eprom programmer
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Date Author Subject
1. 04 Jul 2017 Nigel Johnson (0) Band unit connectors on the IC900
2. 09 Apr 2014 matthew webster (1) circuit function? View article
3. 12 Feb 2014 George Tuck (1) IC-7410 ALC overshoot cured
4. 24 Jan 2014 George Holborn (0) headphone audio output for IC-A14
5. 28 Feb 2012 Tim Horne (0) ICOM IC-A2 no sound, squelch
6. 05 Dec 2010 Daniel Oplinger (1) ICOM A-6 TO ICOM A-24
7. 09 Feb 2008 Shawn Coppel (0) PUXING PX-777 Charger Base
8. 04 Sep 2007 Anonymous (0) Software de programacion ICOM CS-T7 View article
9. 04 Sep 2007 Anonymous (0) Software de programacion ICOM CS-T7 View article
10. 04 Sep 2007 Guillermo Villan (0) Software de programacion ICOM CS-T7
11. 08 Jul 2006 Robert Steel (0) Icom 718 View article
12. 08 Jul 2006 Robert Steel (0) Icom 718 View article
13. 06 Mar 2006 marc denney (0) MODS FOR ICT90A View article

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