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27 Nov 2013Low RF output power => repair of PA in FT-5100
11 May 2004Make Yaesu FT-5100 run cooler
13 Jan 2002FT-5100 +??talak+??t+??s 9600 Bd-ra
31 Mar 1999FT-5100 fuer 9600bd
18 Dec 1998FT-5100 Random reset fix
19 Jul 1998DTMF decoding
19 Jul 1998General Review (with 5100 slant)
19 Jul 1998Yaesu FT-5100 on 9600 Bauds
19 Jul 1998Transforming the Yaesu FT-5100 for 9600 baud
19 Jul 1998Yaesu FT-5100 CAT/Remote Control Mike Interface
19 Jul 1998FT-5100 Copy Memory To Computer
19 Jul 1998Band Switching and Tone Burst via D/MR button on microphone
19 Jul 1998Expanded Receive
19 Jul 1998The 'P' Key on the microphone
19 Jul 1998Crossband Audio Enhancement
19 Jul 1998Transmitter Timeout
19 Jul 1998Crossband Repeat
19 Jul 1998Backlight Control
19 Jul 1998Addtional feature on Yaesu FT-5100 found: adjustable timeout
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Date Author Subject
1. 13 Jan 2016 David Nishikawa (0) Found two other modules with the same problem View article
2. 13 Jan 2016 David Nishikawa (0) Found two other modules with the same problem View article
3. 14 Mar 2014 Eric Tingley (0) Can't fully use the crossband repeat View article
4. 09 Dec 2008 asterios evagelou (0) comfuse with display back light View article
5. 22 Feb 2008 Uwe Wensauer (0) Make Yaesu FT-5100 run cooler View article
6. 31 Mar 2005 W2LTF (0) Re: FT-5100 CAT Interface.
7. 26 Nov 2004 wb4srv (0) yaesu mod on the ft-5100 View article
8. 07 Mar 2004 k4hmm (2) FT-5100 power module
9. 27 May 2003 John D Smith - ZL4CO (0) FT-5100 and Heat ... View article
10. 16 May 2003 Ron Davidson KG4MLO (0) 5200 application View article
11. 14 Aug 2002 Steve Dunford (0) Mic open in repeat View article
12. 18 Dec 2001 Dr John Kreymer, N5LKM (0) Adjust the backlight View article

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