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19 Jun 2017Zetagi B2002 /B750 mod to correct high input SWR
08 Jun 2017Diamond GZV series PSU' restricted output voltage
18 May 2017Collins Radio 30S-1 HV short
10 May 2017Wouxun KG-833 programming version C3
07 May 2017Tait T520 / T525 convert to 50MHz
02 May 2017How to setup and configure TNC2/1270 for Node Operation, by K4ABT
18 Apr 2017MMSI programming procedure on Sailor 4000
12 Apr 2017EICO 950 B Leakage Test Circuit Modifications
13 Mar 2017Hidden Settings on Intek MT-5050
15 Feb 2017Mod for TYTERA MD-380 / RETEVIS RT3 DMR handheld
15 Feb 2017Adapt Astatic D-104-M6B to Kenwood radios and have it powered by radio's +8VDC.
02 Feb 2017Speakermike for DMR-handhelds (Tytera, Retevis)
02 Feb 2017Changing Hytera CPS regions
15 Jan 2017Opening the Barett 2040 to access the PCB
04 Jan 2017Modification President Grant-II
04 Jan 2017CB President Grant II MOD extend frequency
02 Jan 2017Central Electronics 600L under the chassis
07 Dec 2016Diamond GSV3000 supply: Mods fan and control fan
22 Nov 2016Fix for LCD problem on Rohde Schwarz SMFP
15 Nov 2016Mod and manual for Zastone MP-300 / QYT KT8900 / Sainsonic GT-8900
14 Nov 2016Replacing Tubes on Acom 2202A
11 Oct 2016Voyager VR 9000 frequency modfication.
17 Sep 2016Diamond GSV3000 overvoltage protection
16 Aug 2016Improving Baofeng UV-82 2 button speakermic.
12 Aug 2016Heil iCM Upgrade
04 Aug 2016Frequency modification nad power controls for Philips FM-320
17 Jul 2016QYT - KT-8900 Packet Mod (Audio from discriminator)
16 May 2016The NR-108F1 Portable Radio
29 Apr 2016Factory reset on Maycom FR-100
31 Mar 2016Extending the 10M coverage on a Super Galaxy Radio
22 Mar 201610/12 Meter Modification Instructions for Ameritron AL-811
06 Mar 2016Bad Audio on Halicrafters - FPM-300
31 Jan 2016Baofeng UV5R modulation improvement mod
30 Jan 2016Replace firmware TYT MD380 F/W hack; get a H/W Dig'l Scanner
12 Jan 2016Modifications PAøHPT to the 125Mc/s frequency counter Racal 801M
20 Nov 2015Understanding the CDE/Hygain CDE-45/HAM IV rotators design
14 Nov 2015Five mods for Lampkin Micrometer Frequency Meter
26 Oct 2015Extended frequency modification for Elad FDM DUO SDR transceiver
22 Oct 2015Use Hy-Gain AR-40 Rotor with Standard 8 wire Control Box
19 Sep 2015Zastone MP-300 Adjustments
16 Sep 2015Solved the RFI feedback on Tytera MD-380
08 Sep 2015Intermittent Power Connection on Baofeng UV-82
06 Sep 2015Power op problem for Codan 8525B/8528/9313/9480 series
27 Aug 2015Thomson TRC 382 general informations and Ham mods
22 Aug 2015Hands free mic for mobile operation on Philips FM-1100
14 Aug 201510/12 Meter Mod for Ameritron AL-811(H)
07 Aug 2015TYT - MD-380 Voice too sharp- too high pitch
01 Jul 2015Battery Repair on Wouxun KG-UVD1P
26 May 2015ON OFF button repair for Baofeng UV-3r
25 Apr 2015Power Mod Zodiac Freetalk Pro
21 Apr 2015Programming Software for Anytone AT-5888UV III
20 Apr 2015Raft of mods addressing AGC and audio on JRC NRD535
16 Apr 2015Battery eliminator current increase mod on BAOFENG UV5 RA
22 Mar 2015Additional 40 channels on Robin SB-505
17 Mar 2015Export Mode / High Power Mode / 0's and 5's on new CRT CB radios
05 Mar 2015Replacing the Military memory battery with a AA Pile on Harris 350
23 Feb 2015NEC 1156H audio IC replacement on Intek SSB-701
17 Feb 2015Improved audio mod for JRC NRD-535D
07 Dec 2014Tek492 20 dB Attenuator Repair
31 Oct 2014Power mod for Albrech AE-5090XL
31 Oct 2014Power mod for Avanti Grande
30 Oct 2014Power mod for Danita 640
30 Oct 2014Power mod for Emperor Ninja
30 Oct 2014Power mod for Maxon CM-70
30 Oct 2014Power mod for President Teddy
30 Oct 2014Power mod for Danita 3000 10 watts
30 Oct 2014Power mod for President Harry 3
30 Oct 2014Power mod for Storm discovery / defender
30 Oct 2014Power mod for Storm Premier
30 Oct 2014Power mod for TTI TCB-550 / TCB-1000
30 Oct 2014Power mod for Maxon CM-10
16 Oct 2014To much SWR on input of Linear Power Amp Henry 4KA-Ultra
02 Oct 2014Repairing circuit board cracks
01 Oct 2014AL-82 QSK with vacuum relay GH-1 and RSD-12
09 Sep 2014Tuning and N-Type connector installation on RM Italy LA-144
08 Sep 2014Noisey transformer on Astron RS-35A
27 Aug 2014How to built 13,8V adapter for BFDX TD 501 DMR-handheld
03 Aug 2014Astatic Microphone D-104-M6B hand mic powered by Kenwood rigs.
28 Jul 2014AN/GRC-106 USB and LSB conversion
18 Jul 2014Disable internal loudspeaker when using headphones on Grecom PSR-200
23 Jun 2014Daiwa LA2065R repair
18 May 2014EF Johnson Radio Model Number Coding Key
15 May 2014beep disable Team TS-6M
12 May 2014Adding CTCSS encoding to the Albrecht AE201S
10 May 2014Mods for 1 speaker output for Main and Sub band for CRT France 207M
01 May 2014extending recieve & transmit for Wouxun kg-uvd1p & kg-uvd1p
07 Apr 2014Philips PRF15 repeater mods for amateur use.
29 Mar 2014Buxcomm Rascal Interface Mods for Keyed CW
23 Feb 2014Yaesu ATAS and CODAN 9350 antennas interface
03 Feb 2014DG2IAQ modification sheet for Baofeng UV-5R and UV-82
03 Feb 2014Adding a USB interface to GRE PSR-225 scanner
22 Jan 2014Astatic TUP9-D104SKE PTT switch appears shorted to ground, in ETS-9 stand
16 Jan 2014Baofeng BF888S, audio fix (Internal speaker)
27 Dec 2013Diamond DSV-3000, blower mod new models 2013
18 Dec 2013TAD M8 dealer programming mode
09 Dec 2013How to switch the Anytone AT-5555 (v.6.0) Transceiver from 10-metre Amateur Bands to CB Bands
25 Nov 2013Modifying the PRC174 to operate on 160m
11 Nov 2013Checking your Acom A1011 amplifier for factory modification
10 Nov 2013Baofeng UV-5R CAT interface
09 Oct 2013More Modulation for RF-Limited CR-577
17 Sep 2013Reverse view of Elcraft K3's rear panel
25 Aug 2013Ten Tec Argonaut VI (Model 539) Protection Mod
14 Aug 2013Lafayette Venus mic pinout
30 Jul 2013Program ROM images for PM3540 logic oscilloscope
10 Jul 2013The Truth about CB "Swing" Mods for Cobra 25/29
30 Jun 2013AGC modifikation for President Jackson 2 ASC
10 Jun 2013Oscillation problems on Galaxy/Ranger DX-89VHP
28 Mar 2013Auxiliary I.F. shielding for Ten-Tec RX-340 H.F. Receiver
24 Mar 2013Shouao TS-G3 UHF Radio programming interface.
03 Mar 2013Polmar DB-32 frequency expansion
25 Feb 2013Elecraft K3 transceiver Modifications by I7SWX.
11 Feb 2013Shure 527C Transistorized Hand Mike Plug Wiring
11 Feb 2013Curing tuning problems with a SGC MAC-200
26 Jan 2013DAIWA SS-330W, 30 Amps Switch mode power supply
25 Jan 2013ASTRON Power Supply SS-30M Noisy Blower
02 Jan 2013NE567 Tone Decoder as AM FM demodulator at 455 KHz
09 Dec 2012Audiovox - FRS-1000, adjustments inside the unit.
04 Dec 2012Modification to increase the microphone gain of the Baofeng UV-5R.
27 Nov 2012Ameritron ALS-1300X Power supply failure 12 vdc fix
18 Nov 2012Diamond GSV 3000-HF Power supply and my Pappa's AC test jig
12 Nov 2012120 to 240 channel mod for Stonewall Jackson
10 Nov 2012Expandede frequency for CYBERCOM H112 and H412
21 Oct 2012Mirage Stealth One hidden frequency menu
20 Oct 2012Sony SW-55, Modification for restoration of full-frequency audio in AM/SSB Modes
15 Oct 2012Use LDG AT-7000 with any radio
06 Oct 2012To program repeater 146.985 for Baofeng UV-5R
16 Sep 2012Evaluating and Improving the Ameritron RCS-8V 5-Position Remote Coaxial Switch
21 Aug 2012modification for extra bands Zeus Pro
19 Jun 2012Replacing the regulator board in an Astron PS
12 Jun 2012NASA Target HF-3 modification
10 Jun 2012Better LF performance for Snowdonia HF-360
20 May 2012KT-370 extended frequency range by keypad.
20 May 2012INTEK M-495 power programmazione bande
20 May 2012INTEK M- 795 power programmazione bande
29 Apr 2012Baofeng UV-3R headset problem fix.
21 Apr 2012Philips FM-1000 LED backlight replacement
29 Mar 2012Emperor TS-5010 Clarifier mod
08 Mar 2012New MSSI number in Sailor RT4000 series
22 Feb 2012Ameritron AL-82 tuned input rework with factory instructions
30 Jan 2012SGS SG-211 Remote Lock bias circuit to prevent unwanted re-tunes
26 Jan 2012Frequency Expansion Software Mod for Baofeng UV-3R
02 Jan 2012Modifications for SWAN 100MX.
28 Dec 2011Diamond GZV4000 AND 13,8 Volts
08 Nov 2011LDG Z-100 - how to remote tune w/o a radio with tune button
23 Oct 2011Repair and upgrade of Sony ICF-6800
24 Sep 2011Ten-Tec Orion IF out
04 Sep 2011Simple reset mod for the Palstar KH-6/Cherokee AH-50
01 Sep 2011Replacing the 5Y3 vacuum tube rectifier with modern silicon diodes
22 Jul 2011Stalker st9 fdx modification for Alpha channels
18 Jul 2011Baofeng uv-3r audio mod
18 Jul 2011Frequency Expansion TYT-800
14 Jul 2011Improve the feedpoint on Hy-gain DIR-73K
03 Jul 2011Mirage KP-1/6M RF keying in SSB with no chatter
03 Jul 2011Installation of an additional relay in the SB2000 interface box
01 Jul 2011Ten Tec OMNI-V power mod to 5 watt
01 Jul 2011Ten-Tec OMNI-V audio mod
01 Jul 2011Ten Tec OMNI-V mod to work down to 9V or so
01 Jul 2011GRECOM PSR 300 battery slow charging modification
28 Jun 2011Watson W-25AM W-30AM - Repair Faulty Fan
10 Jun 2011Grundig YachtBoy Alignment Locations
07 Jun 2011Cushcraft R5 repair
07 Jun 2011Type changing Tait Orca, Tait 5000.
02 Jun 2011magnum raptor frequency expansion
19 May 2011Baofeng UV3-R volume modification
04 Apr 2011DAIWA SS-330W Power Supply Failure
30 Mar 2011TX/RX Expansion modification AE-485S
20 Mar 2011Intek mobicom-3230 frequency and increse power modification
14 Mar 2011Panasonic RJ-3700 SM5104G
28 Feb 2011Thunderpole CB
27 Feb 2011President Jackson 2 Modulation modification
22 Feb 2011Jingtong JT-988 audio modification.
21 Feb 2011PK232 schellscript for linux / unix users
16 Feb 2011Team Electronics TS6M LCD frequency modification
03 Feb 2011MW/LW Antenna through whip for Grundig G3
29 Jan 2011Expand RX and Tx Band for POLMAR - BD-32
28 Jan 2011CRT Superstar SS 120 T modification
24 Jan 2011Modification of Hinztec Anyfrog mk1 for better decoding of Aprs data
15 Jan 2011Tokyo Hy-power, HL-1.5KFX: Replacing bad incandescent meter bulb with LEDs
11 Jan 2011Electrophone TX-472d UHF CB from 40 channels to new 80 channels
04 Jan 2011'Silencing' the Diamont GVZ 4000
29 Dec 2010Longer life for calibrator valves for Racal RA-17L
26 Dec 2010CTCSS added to Kyodo KG-105
14 Dec 2010Installation notes for GE Master II repeaters (LT-4200, TP-163,
14 Dec 2010Samlex SEC 1223 RFI problem
13 Dec 2010Alpha 10 AM/FM Frequency Conversion 6 Bands with CB Frequencies
16 Nov 2010Extra band for Lafayette Zeus
05 Nov 2010Dead Dawia SS-330 power supply.
03 Nov 2010External RX interface for Ten-Tec Eagle 599
31 Oct 2010Lafayette zeus power update
24 Oct 2010Ameritron RCS-4 Controller modification.
16 Oct 2010Service log R-1490/URR
16 Oct 2010Service Log for AN/GRC-109 system
10 Oct 2010Maxlog MU-V Adjustment low modulation
07 Oct 2010Service log for R5200-A2 VHF receiver
07 Oct 2010Service log AN/FRR-23
24 Sep 2010How to make a self rechargeable battery for memory backups, etc..
22 Sep 2010Stabo - XM-3500, 12 Channel AM ==> 40 Channel AM
08 Sep 2010Modify the Dentron transformer for 12,6V for GI-7B
06 Sep 2010Luthor tl-55 (new 2010 model) expand the band.
30 Aug 2010Switchable Tx power mod for Intek M-495 Power.
19 Aug 2010Intek M130 Plus expaned frquency.
14 Aug 2010Intek M799 plus, enable export mode.
14 Aug 2010Cherokee CBS 1000 modification.
11 Aug 2010Danita 2000 extended frquencies.
06 Aug 2010Albrech AE6490 power modification.
16 Jul 2010Noisy fan Manson P.S.U. EP925
13 Jul 2010The Lowe mods for NRD-535
19 Jun 2010Homebrew Handswitch
08 Jun 2010Upgrade memory battery system for Azden PSC-2000 and other
07 Jun 2010Increased sensitivity for the Tecsun PL600
28 May 2010Intek M-5050 Open channels and power up to 4 watts.
26 May 2010Recal 1792 noise rx at frequency les than 2 MHz
05 May 2010How to disable the beep sound
25 Apr 2010Realistic TRC-503 - 5 to 10 channels
19 Apr 2010Disable and enable tx for JRC JSB-167
14 Apr 2010Wouxun KG-UVD1P USB Cable Issue
12 Apr 2010Conversion of the Condor 46 for use with 9600 bps (D-STAR)
11 Apr 2010Intek MT-3030 more power modification.
11 Apr 2010Sommerkamp TS-275 expand frequency modification.
24 Mar 2010Team MX8 Black Version 1
24 Mar 2010Brake protection for your HAM II, III, IV, and tailtwister rotators.
13 Mar 2010JRC NRD-515 Modification·FAST TUNING
08 Mar 2010Expand bands for Luthor TL-55
28 Feb 2010CV-591A/URR modfication
23 Feb 2010VOX improvement for Eurofrequence/Dierking GD16Mi
21 Feb 2010Wouxun unlock software
19 Feb 2010Speaker/Mic gain for Feidaxin FD-160A
18 Feb 2010Furuno 1550, Enable Transmission on Ham Bands
09 Feb 2010Improve connectivity. Mods to all mobile equipment.
06 Feb 2010Ceramic Tube Sockets and Power Relay for Collins 516-2
04 Feb 2010Idiom Press Rotator Illuminator for CD-45
29 Jan 2010Maxon CM10 frequency modfication
19 Jan 2010Team TS6 Multi expanded frequency
11 Jan 2010Speaker/mic. Wiring for Wouxun KG-UVD1
04 Jan 2010WOUXUN KG-UVD1 modulation MOD
04 Jan 2010How open or close the RX/TX limit for Puxing PX-777
21 Dec 2009MARS/CAP MOD for Jetstream JT220M
16 Dec 2009President Tommy ASC export modfication
26 Oct 2009Channel Expansion for Eagle Tomahawk
22 Oct 2009Backup Batterie for Commtel 215
22 Oct 2009Discriminator Output for Commtel 215
01 Oct 2009President Harry III extended frequency.
28 Sep 2009Dragon SS-485+ - Out of Band Operation
18 Sep 2009Low audio level on the 1750 Hz for WOUXUN KG-UVD1P
10 Sep 2009Modification for HI Power transmit in limited countries
05 Sep 2009President Johnny III ASC frequency modification
16 Aug 2009Model 311 Band Data Converter Box
12 Aug 2009Super Star 3900 10 Meter Mod
12 Aug 2009The HUSTLER 6BTV. Base bush corrosion mod
10 Aug 2009Azden AZ-21/AZ-61 freq mod
06 Aug 2009TTI TCB 1100 RX & TX modification
06 Aug 2009TTI TCB 1100 power modification
19 Jul 2009Technical information for Annecke - Symmetrical Koppler
18 Jul 2009Assembling a W5JH BLACK WIDOW morse paddle kit.
10 Jul 2009Using an External Speaker for Grecom PSR-300
09 Jul 2009Modify / repair fan on Watson PSU
03 Jul 2009ALC modification for Elecraft K3
29 Jun 2009Tonal Quality of Transmitted Audio. Astatic - D-104 all models
29 Jun 2009Samlex SEC 1223 PSU, switch mode noise reduction
27 Jun 2009Hidden Commands for Ten-Tec Jupiter
26 Jun 2009Repairing a faulty KW-1000 HF linear
28 May 2009Intek M-100 Plus
19 May 2009To rise Albrecht AE-6890 promotes
30 Apr 2009Repair and alignments on the Satellite 700
27 Apr 2009Roger beep mod for Texas Ranger TR 696f SSB
30 Mar 2009Emotator 747 Overhaul
29 Mar 2009LOW COST PSU repair
21 Mar 2009Modifications for Team Electronics - Roadcom-FS
09 Feb 2009Sound Card Interfacing for RTTY, PSK31, and SSTV
08 Feb 2009Ameritron AL-1200 Surge Suppression and Relay Modification
15 Jan 2009Anti-Static Mod For Grundig, Eton, Degen and Kaito
18 Dec 2008Converting 16-Channel S-550 Control Head to 32 Channels
11 Dec 2008Adding batteries to your LDG Z100 tuner
29 Nov 2008Team MX 4 watt AM modification
29 Nov 20089 MHz IF modification for Ten-Tec Orion (model 565 and 566)
26 Nov 2008Maxon CM70 export bands
25 Nov 200810 meter modification for Dentron Clipperton L
25 Nov 2008Winding data for National SW-3
25 Nov 2008AM Filter Device for the Collins 75A-3 Receiver
22 Nov 2008Intek H512 frequency modification
13 Nov 2008EPROM images for servals repeater
12 Nov 2008Potential design error on Cellwave KW-320
04 Nov 2008Modification for Maycom FR-100 Scanner
02 Nov 2008Power mod for Cobra 140
23 Oct 2008Modifications for NCT Grup, Inc ClearSpeech Speaker
21 Oct 2008Intek M 120 frequency mod
19 Oct 2008RS232 Commands for Stabo/Trident XR1800/X100XLT Scanner Receiver
19 Oct 200810m modification for AMERITRON ALS-500 M
21 Sep 2008Keep regulations the Team Roadcom FS
16 Sep 2008Intek MT 5050 power mod
11 Sep 2008Daiwa PS-304C Power Supply Service Information
03 Sep 2008RU and PX Channels for Intek M-790
02 Sep 2008Service menu and silent mode for Furuno FA-150
31 Aug 2008Reduce fan noise for Diamond GZV-4000
11 Aug 2008Input power 24/100/110/200/220 for JRC NRD-91, 92 and 93
31 Jul 2008Adding Lower Sideband to the RT-320 (Racal PRC-320)
18 Jun 2008Expand TX and RX on Albrech RL-102
18 Jun 2008Level 2 menu - LSB mode activation & other functions JRC JSB-196
12 Jun 2008Modifying a Jingtong JT208 handheld for better audio
08 Jun 2008External Speaker Modification for GRE PSR-500
10 May 2008Intek M-550 frequency (bands) and TX power settings
10 May 2008Intek MT-2020D band and power mod
10 May 2008Intek H 520 Plus RU,PC,PO mod
09 Apr 2008Output power for Cobra 2000
21 Mar 2008Rogerbeep for Telcom TE150 and other radio with pcb wt 450
19 Mar 2008Loose screw inside the GRE-COM PSR-500 Scanner
02 Mar 2008Tune-up info for General Sherman AM/SSB CB radio
24 Feb 2008Intek M495 + M 795 power mod
22 Feb 2008Mini Magnum 10-meter radio Modifications
11 Feb 2008Channel mod Texas Ranger 696f ssb base (Galaxy 949 & 959)
11 Feb 2008Frequency modification for Rexton RL-328cq
21 Jan 2008Jackson II configuration
17 Jan 2008Have 10/11 m for Galaxy 99v
07 Jan 2008Wrong wiring serial port for Triple-P TXU-1256
25 Dec 2007Cushcraft MA5V to MA6V modification (6 meter add on kit DIY)
22 Dec 2007Expanded frequency modification for superstar 121
18 Dec 2007Cobra 2000gtl frequency counter fix
08 Dec 2007Nabishi N401L modifications
08 Dec 2007Blitz TUT-428 UHF Handheld TX/RX limits mod
26 Nov 2007Connex CX4300HP Frequency Conversion
26 Nov 2007CB mod for cobra 150
25 Nov 2007Reduce the fan noise for Diamon GSV4000
22 Nov 2007Intek M 150 mod
06 Nov 200710 Meter Modification for Ameritron AL-1500
27 Aug 2007Stop Tinny Audio on Transmit for Astatic D-104 G stand
16 Aug 2007Modification to satellite information fro PAS9
04 Aug 2007Tokyo High Power HL-1.5KFX
27 Jul 2007clarifier mod w/EPT 069610z board Galaxu DX 949 & 959
26 Jul 2007Intel H520 10 meter mod
26 Jul 2007Intek Minicom DUO mod.
17 Jul 2007Cheap and easy way to get a CAT-interface
06 Jul 2007Hardware fix for software time out timer
30 Jun 2007400, 600 channel conversion, 5khz shift for Maycom EM27
29 Jun 2007Magnum S9 export frequency conversion
10 Jun 2007Blower for Ameritron Al-1500 and 1200
05 Jun 2007Frequency (bands) and tx power settings for Intel M550
29 May 2007Sony PRO-80 CAP restoration
26 May 2007Replace Power Out SPDT Relay
16 May 2007Self generated Oscillation on 960 kHz for JRC JRL 2000 F
16 May 2007DEAD OUTPUT MODULES IN VHF (General).
15 May 2007TX modification to work on ham radio band 1.8 Mhz. for Collins PRC515/RU20
07 May 2007Converting to very Narrow Band for GE Mastr II
29 Apr 2007Modify Repeater for Cost-Free SIP-based VoIP Calls
11 Apr 2007FlexRadio SDR-1000 fan modification
11 Apr 2007FlexRadio SDR-1000 Antenna Tuner LED modification
09 Apr 2007Microphone Model CMP 110
09 Apr 2007How to enter to program mode on channelized radio TAD MD-150
26 Feb 2007Converting PC Power Supplies for 12-18V Power!
25 Feb 2007Error codes for Maxon SP series portables
25 Feb 2007MAGNUM 257 in Expanded Mode
25 Feb 2007SM-2000 Series Data Connector Pin Out
17 Feb 2007Full reset for solar radio for Maxon SR-214 / Solar
11 Feb 2007Homebrew Data Cable for GRE PRO-95
10 Feb 2007Interface to Codan 9350
08 Feb 2007More power output from Collins 32S-x transmitters and KWM-2 transceivers.
28 Jan 2007HENRY 4K-Ultra Linear Amplifier.
26 Jan 2007Expanded RX and TX for Rexon RL115
21 Jan 200711 Meters Modification for the Cobra 200 GTL DX 10 Meters Radio
17 Dec 2006Description of microvwave connectors (SMA, PC3.5 etc)
26 Nov 2006High grid current reading for Ameritron AL811...no exciter drive,
08 Nov 2006Full band mod for Albrecht 485S
19 Oct 2006Preamp-mod for low distortion for Ten-Tec Corsair2
13 Oct 2006Magnum 257 /Albrecht 485
22 Sep 2006QRP mod for Sommerkamp FT-767
03 Sep 2006Making the Galaxy FC-347 Freq Counter more versatile
09 Jul 2006power modification for Team TEACOM 435
31 May 2006Zodiac Profi 6 Transceiver Diode Matrix Calculator
28 May 2006MANSON (DOSS) Power supply, SPS-8400, SPS-9400
09 May 2006RF expansion mod for KDK FM-2033
09 May 2006Higher tx power for Superstar 3600
09 May 2006power mod for lpd section Lafayette Centrals
09 May 2006Voltage Reducer for Portable Transceivers
20 Apr 2006Boosting the operating range for GMT TX-630
08 Apr 2006Ad to the Daiwa CN-801 SWR/Power meter more wight
19 Mar 2006JRC NRD535 DRM modification
14 Mar 2006Collins R390, 75Ax Series PTO Instability
08 Mar 2006How to make a 20A power supply from 3 PC supply
26 Feb 2006Golden Eagle-377XL improvement.
20 Feb 2006Erratic CW & SSB filter passband for Shimizu Denshi SS-105S
19 Feb 2006Lowe HF-225 DRM modification
13 Feb 2006Intek MT4040 TX, Band and Power modification
10 Feb 2006Stabo XM-70## all Models 10M mod
10 Feb 2006Astron SS-30M, transiant noise
06 Feb 2006HamPal manual (German language)
06 Feb 2006FAQ about HamPal (German language)
04 Feb 2006Sevice software & Interface MAXON SM2000-SM4000
25 Jan 2006Argonaut II modifications
10 Jan 2006Logicom PMR FX200 mod
26 Nov 2005Adding discriminator output to Albrecht AE 66M
01 Nov 2005Mods & hints for the KG107 (applicable to the Sawtron 999)
31 Oct 2005Kachina 505DSP PLL problem
18 Sep 2005Alcatel ATR-680 scanner mode and 1750 Hz with a PIC
28 Aug 2005Samlex SEC-1223 Power Supply Voltage adjustment
24 Apr 2005Fan Mod for Astron SS-25 and SS-30 power supplies.
06 Mar 2005Better reception sound Albrecht AE-540-N
31 Aug 2004Simoco PRP73 programmer
15 Aug 2004Less noise on Power Supply DIAMOND GSV4000
31 Jul 2004Repair pictures for Zetagi BV2001 1 KW pa for 10m
04 Jul 2004MPV-32 front programming
23 Jun 2004W2IHY 8-band EQ microphone compressor
18 Jun 2004Relm MPV32 and MPV32D Basic Program Instructions
17 Mar 2004Mirage B-5018-G vhf amplifier (2 meter)
08 Mar 2004Galaxy DX-949 and DX-959 frequency mods
15 Nov 2003Relm WHS-150 mod
21 Oct 2003Change Maycom AR-108 from US to EU version
10 Oct 2003Modification of Sommerkamp TS-220DX
07 Sep 2003MVP-32 trick
23 Jul 2003Software for all tait T2000
18 Jul 2003mod for HEIL Goldline
15 Jul 200310 meter restoration for the Barker and Williamson (B&W) PT-2500A
09 Jun 2003Modification for Telcom Te-150 PMR
06 Apr 2003KG6MVB's Modified E-DC-5B Power Adapter
26 Jan 2003Modification for Astatic D-104 Silver Eagle
25 Jan 2003modification of the Ucom Twintalker 3000 PMR
12 Jan 2003Unlocked clarifier for Galaxy Melaka
06 Jan 20039K6 mit Albrecht RV-400, Rexon RL-402 !!
20 Dec 2002Magnum 257 radio coverage
03 Nov 2002Sangean ATS 909 "Mute" Disable Modification
19 Oct 2002DSB-clipper TEN TEC Corsair II
12 Oct 2002Emperor TS-3010
20 Sep 2002Extend frequencies for REXON RL103 and RV100
07 Sep 2002Neutec SM-1645 Channel Mod
21 Jul 2002Sommerkamp TS-200DX TX/RX opening 130-174 MHz
07 Jul 2002Philips / Simoco PRM80 & PRP80 two way radio
13 Jun 2002Rexon RL-501 wideband mods
13 Jun 2002Modification for DRAGON SS-201
05 Jun 2002Modif. for Titan II RPSY-485 ten meter trans.
23 May 2002Expanded RX/TX for Sommerkamp TS-277DX
18 May 2002Software to program Philips FM1100
09 May 2002Missing functions in the Maycom AR-108 Manual
18 Apr 20022m Dual Gate FET Low Noise Amplifier.
14 Apr 2002Extended TX/RX for Rexon RV-100 (2m amateur handheld)
02 Feb 2002CREATE RC5A-3 voltage modification
28 Jan 2002RS-35A Modification for Current Limiting
22 Dec 2001Tekk / Cybercom H-412 LPD Mod.
15 Nov 2001Sangean ATS818CS/ACS tuning modification
25 Aug 2001Maycom AR-108 Slette minne
05 Aug 2001Conversions for KLV units
14 Jul 2001Tempo One - 6JS6A to 6146 Conversion
30 Jun 2001Modification EUROCB PRO 430
16 Apr 2001New mod for Eagle Spitfire 454
05 Apr 2001Extended RX & TX for Rexon RL102 and RL402
30 Mar 2001Extended frequency coverage for Hora C-455
24 Mar 20013 mod to the PSK-20 small wonder labs PSK-31 QRP transceiver
25 Feb 2001Collins S-line - Modification for CW transceive operation
27 Jan 2001Ranger 6900F frequency Mod
27 Jan 2001Modification for TEAM TECOM 446 PMR
19 Oct 2000Frequenz und Powererweiterung f++r`s Team-Telcom 435 !
17 Sep 2000TAD M-8 programming instructions
17 Sep 2000Programming RELM WHS-150
17 Sep 2000Programming RELM MPV32 / MPU32
17 Sep 2000Programming BENDIX / KING EMH-5990
30 Jul 2000Converting the Philips FM1200 PMR to 70cm's / FM1100 to 2m
13 Nov 1999Frequenzerweiterung Rexon RL 501/Albrecht AE 106
21 Oct 1999Rexon RL-402 & RL102
28 Mar 19999600 Baud mit Grundig FK105
19 Jul 1998Mods for the Wilson mark II and mark IV for cap & mars
19 Jul 1998Paccomm Tiny-2 Factory Mod
19 Jul 1998Modifying the Pye Europa PTT
19 Jul 1998Argosy 2 mods
19 Jul 1998G.E. MVP to a Repeater (Instructions)
19 Jul 1998G.E. MVP to 9600
19 Jul 1998RS 49Mhz walkie talkie, move to 6 meters
19 Jul 1998Hercules 444 mod revised
19 Jul 1998Convert the Fisher-Price baby monitor into a repeater
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Date Author Subject
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2. 07 Jan 2017 DAW (0) Frequency Software Mod for Baofeng UV-3R'. View article
3. 24 Dec 2016 Russ Harmon (1) KT-8900 audio pick off View article
4. 04 Dec 2016 Nick RIale (0) Pic View article
5. 02 Sep 2016 Craig Andrew (0) disable the roger beep View article
6. 02 Aug 2016 ANDY B (0) Wrong! View article
7. 28 Mar 2016 Edward Zumstein (0) Replace firmware TYT MD380 F/W hack View article
8. 22 Feb 2016 Nick RIale (1) Pic View article
9. 22 Feb 2016 Nick RIale (0) Pic View article
10. 04 Dec 2015 Tim Henrion (0) Mods work on a UV-82HP as well View article
11. 03 Dec 2015 Chris Robinson (0) Power Mod for TTi TCB-880H View article
12. 22 Sep 2015 Anonymous (0) Watson W-25AM fan anomaly View article
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