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17 Apr 2011Using the Kenwood TM-V71A on digital modes
25 Apr 2009Adjustment/Setup Mode for TM-V71E
02 Jun 2008TM-V71A Wireless (Remote) Control Instructions
06 Apr 2008Enable-disable Repeater-remote function for TM-V71A/E
14 Jan 2008Turn a E model into a K model (expand tx/rx and crossband)
17 Jun 2007TM-V71 Crossband repeater
07 Jun 2007TM-V71AK MARS/CAP Modification
05 Jun 2007Expanded Transmit Modification for TM-V71A
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Date Author Subject
2. 06 Apr 2015 Richard Reynolds (0) Pictures and detailed instructions View article
3. 30 Mar 2014 Robert Thorpe (0) Expanded Transmit View article
4. 28 Jul 2012 gary scott (1) tm-v71ak mars/cap modification View article
5. 26 Mar 2012 mike victor (2) What is position #1 of the TM-V71 modification? View article
6. 01 Dec 2011 francesco taormina (0) freezing problem View article
7. 19 Oct 2010 jacob (3) Turn a e model into a model for tm v71 View article
8. 30 Sep 2010 john (0) V71 Expanded Transmit
9. 04 Aug 2009 Al Shemonia (0) Does not work on the TM-V71A View article
10. 25 May 2009 Dan Starkenburg (0) Update on Remote Control Instructions View article
11. 21 Mar 2009 Anonymous (0) Photograph of modification View article
12. 03 Nov 2008 jimmi (0) Deviazione microfono Kenwood TMV-71 E
13. 28 Mar 2008 SAM (0) "Turn a e model into a model View article
14. 07 Mar 2008 Alex Burger (1) Modulation Mods for TM-V 71 R required

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