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Why should you create an account?

It has taken many years to build the success that mods.dk is today, and over the last 10 years the webmaster has used many hours every week to maintain mods.dk and keep the site running. But also all the people that have contributed to mods.dk in these years have done a very good job, and without these kindly people mods.dk would not be the success that it is today.

So if you are a frequent user of mods.dk then it is absolutely fair that you also support mods.dk. mods.dk has done a great job in the last 10 years, so now it's time that users also do something if they want to use mods.dk.

Since the information on mods.dk has grown the traffic has also grown, therefore it was necessary to take some dramatic steps, or else the site will close in the near future because the costs to keep mods.dk running will be too high.

To maintain control when a user uses mods.dk we have decided that before you can use mods.dk you must first create an account, and when this account is created you can then use mods.dk. This account is free to create, but it has a limited access. The FREE account has access to almost all areas on mods.dk, and the quantity of downloaded articles, messages and manuals is also limited very much.

To get more access you must donate to mods.dk, and there are several methods to donate.

Don't begin to write a message to me where you complain that you have to register before you can use mods.dk. It is free and fast - and doesn't cost anything to register so there is nothing to complain over, and mods.dk will not answer message regard complain over the registration, instead you should support mods.dk to be better, see the donate info page.

Click here to begin the registration of an new account, it is free and fast. Note, all the information that mods.dk takes from you will not be used by anybody else, or sold to other companies; this will only be used for the login process and forum on mods.dk.

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