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How do I use TinyMCE editor on

Using the TinyMCE editor is very easy.

The first thing you should do is write the text you want, maybe you already have the text in a other text file, so just copy ad past the text. Then it will look like this:

Will you format some of the text with bold and underline, then mark the text and click on the button B and U.

Now the text has been bold and underlined:

Bulleted list.

If some of the text should be setup ad bullet listed by number then you mark the text you want to be numbered:

Then click on the bullet button:

Voila then you have numbered the marked text.

This short demonstration show how easy it is to format the text. If you need more help about using TinyMCE editor you can visit TinyMCE homepage, or you can see some of the video that exist on homepage.

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How do I use TinyMCE editor on