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This forum message list include all message for that is related to IC-V80, this include message that also is related to articles. If the message is relate to an article, the article can be selected next to each message.

Date Author Subject
1. 23 Aug 2015 shaya ali (0) v80
2. 07 Dec 2014 Valery Kononov (0) IC V80E RX/TX mods via keypad
3. 02 Dec 2014 Valery Kononov (0) IC V80E TX/TX mods
4. 22 Jan 2011 Jörg Ewald (0) IC-V80E View article
5. 25 Dec 2010 Charlie Wooten (0) additional step for IC-V80 mod View article
6. 26 Mar 2010 Larry Jacobs (1) V80 Mod View article
7. 15 Mar 2010 Wayne Leroy (1) 100.000-200.000 View article

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