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17 Jan 2017Programing interface cable FT8800
20 Dec 2009FT-8800E extended TX/RX without loss the ARS function
07 Nov 2009FT-8800 Alignment Mode
15 Jun 2008Modification to apply pre-emphasis to 1200 baud transmission for FT-8800
01 Dec 2007Using a Yaesu FT-8800R with a J&M Integrtr Iv
19 Aug 2007MH-48 Audio Modification for FT-8800 & FT-8900
19 Aug 2007PTT Lock for FT-8800 & FT-8900 Mic:
18 Aug 2007Display Backlight Modification for FT-8800
18 Aug 2007Monitor AM on the FT-8800
04 Apr 2007Icom OPC-478 to Yaesu FT-8800R Programming Adaptor Cable
07 Mar 2006Inexpensive FT-8800R remote cable Kit from Radio Shack.
25 Mar 2005Toggle from memory name to frequency for FT-8800r
12 Feb 2005FT-8800 Colored Volume and Squelch knobs
24 Aug 2003FT-8800 TX and RX
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Date Author Subject
1. 06 Mar 2012 Edward Terrell (0) MARS/CAP mod for FT 8800R
2. 10 Dec 2009 Wolfgang Kind (0) MH-48 Audio Modifikation
3. 10 Dec 2009 Wolfgang Kind (0) MH-48 Audio Modifikation
4. 03 Dec 2009 Wolfgang Kind (0) MH-48 Audio Modification for FT-8800 View article
5. 30 Aug 2009 Anonymous (0) Modification???
6. 26 May 2008 Al Kissack (1) using head unit to do the same View article
7. 29 Nov 2007 DAVID NEEDHAM (0) FT 8800R UK TX EXPAND
8. 09 May 2007 Ian Blackmore (13) Extended Tx-Rx Ft-8800E View article
9. 01 Apr 2007 James Anderton (0) yeasu ft8800 mod View article
10. 02 Nov 2006 S. Lichtsinn (2) Why? View article
11. 08 Jun 2006 Helmut Giritzer (0) Does this work with european version FT-8800E? View article
12. 07 May 2006 RICHARD HARTNETT (0) Out of Band Mod View article
13. 05 Mar 2006 Al Shemonia (2) Toggle from memory name to frequency ... (2) View article

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