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20 Feb 2003Alinco DJ-V5T battery
07 May 2002Adjustment Mode for the Alinco DJ-V5T Dualband Transceiver
26 Jul 1999Alinco DJ-V5TH Receive-Transmit Mod by N3WRJ
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Date Author Subject
1. 15 Sep 2009 BUG (1) Battery Mod. View article
2. 18 Aug 2006 Anonymous (0) Alinco DJV5TH
3. 05 May 2006 roby_bel (0) Troubles with Dj-V5 TRANSMISSION
4. 16 Jan 2006 emsnut417 (0) Receive-Transmit Mod problem View article
5. 20 Jan 2004 andre ve2que (0) func/lock View article
6. 19 Oct 2003 Alex N3WRJ (0) Thanks to all the problem Solvers! View article
7. 29 Jun 2003 N4UZZ (0) Reassembly of the radio View article
8. 29 Jun 2003 N4UZZ (0) Computer interface View article
9. 05 Apr 2003 G3LZV (0) Data cable for DJ5V View article
10. 09 Feb 2003 ief (0) wich file to download from alinco? View article
11. 02 Feb 2003 IV3DXW Claudio (0) Schematic download View article
12. 10 Jan 2003 tahl fishman (0) good radio View article
13. 29 Nov 2002 John Arne Gisnås (0) PC connection cable schematics View article
14. 17 Feb 2002 kb5udf (0) AM Mode Selection for All Bands View article
15. 22 Jun 2001 WA2JXJ (0) Extra info View article

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