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11 Apr 2016Expand transmission 260-300 MHz on Alinco DR-235 all version
18 Mar 2001Alinco DR-235-T expanded xmit/rcv
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Date Author Subject
1. 14 Jul 2017 Philip Dongle (0) How to get RX working after mod?
2. 16 Oct 2016 Juan Carlos Tarifa (0) Modification not easy to carried out View article
3. 04 Aug 2011 Federico Baldi (0) DR-235T Lost VCO lock View article
4. 24 Apr 2011 Richard Marcum (0) SW620 or SW MOB PK 2 for DR-235
5. 05 Mar 2008 Anonymous (0) Does it work for the TMKIII model? View article
6. 22 Sep 2007 greg tatlock (0) alinco dr235 cor locatiojn
7. 29 Jan 2004 VE7FRY (0) The above comment View article
8. 18 Nov 2002 Hazmat (0) TX in 290 View article

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