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12 May 2015Preamp Relay Circuit Modification for IC-730
20 Nov 2009Icom IC-730 Preamp Failure other than relay
21 Oct 2008Ic-730 no tx/rx and no dispaly
31 Aug 2005IC-730 adjust frequency
12 Apr 2005IC-730 2ND IF filter failure
12 Aug 2002WARC TX for the ICOM IC 730
05 Oct 1998Preventative Maintenance for the ICOM IC-730
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Date Author Subject
1. 12 May 2015 Robert Lewis (1) ICOM "Mod" In Preventive Maintenance
2. 27 Feb 2014 Edouard Pomaroli (0) Icom IC730 final bias current
3. 25 Apr 2012 william robert (1) icom 730 mod from amature to marine band
4. 02 Aug 2010 Rob Walker (0) Microphone compatability - SM-6 vs. SM-5
5. 13 Jan 2009 Randall (0) MY IC-730 LOW RECEPTION
6. 27 Oct 2006 Anders (0) Poor effect from Icom IC 730
7. 20 Aug 2006 jason roy (0) need to know how to put 27mhz in my icom ic-730.
8. 09 Nov 2005 DF7AM (1) Frequency instable on all bands
9. 07 Aug 2005 WA4JKW (2) IC-730 CPU
10. 13 Jan 2005 VA3CVN (0) Iddling current for Power RF stage IC730
11. 06 Dec 2004 K6UBI (1) icom 730

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