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05 Jan 2015Problem power 20 meters on IC-775
02 Sep 2014Cooling down mains power supply on ICOM IC-775
01 Dec 2011IC-775DSP Problems with flickering of the sub display
15 Jan 2010IC-775 improvement (Italian)
19 Sep 2008ICOM IC-775DSP Knowledge base articles
19 Sep 2008IC-775DSP display mod when listen to CW.
03 Jan 2006Info about PLL-card versions and TX bleed-through on RX QRG's in split and Dual Watch.
07 Jan 2004Mic sensitivity on IC-775DSP
19 Nov 2000Increase the sensitivity on MW-band 0.5-1.6MHz on IC-775 and IC-775DSP
15 Dec 1999IC-775DSP Out of Band Information
19 Jul 1998New product information IC-775DSP
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Date Author Subject
1. 17 Feb 2015 Anonymous (0) optional filter FL 101 in the IC757dsp
2. 24 Dec 2011 Alex Varo (1) LCD Display Problem View article
3. 01 Dec 2011 Hans Remeeus (0) Problems with flickering on the Sub display View article
4. 09 Oct 2007 Marcus Sehlhoff (1) Power supply problems
5. 11 Jan 2007 Marcus Sehlhoff (0) Exploded PSU (pls read to forcome damage)
6. 10 Apr 2006 Gyula Palmai (0) Using other than Proset Plus View article
7. 01 Mar 2006 EnterNameHere (0) IC-775 "Control Unit" Board
8. 14 Jan 2006 Marcus Sehlhoff (0) 775 PSU explosion MOD (check yours ASAP)
9. 10 Oct 2005 Anonymous (0) Help mod Audio
10. 02 Aug 2003 jim marino w2gqc (0) set antenna tuner to off View article
11. 04 Jul 2003 Bob W2ENY (0) IC775DSP Mod OK View article
12. 24 Jun 2003 Dan Norman (1) Got it working View article
13. 08 Jun 2003 W9CTO (0) 775DSP HELP View article
14. 27 May 2003 Mark Strange, N3WES (0) Icom 775DSP gen coverage mod View article
15. 19 May 2003 Abe (0) IC-775DSP all band TX mod View article
16. 30 Dec 2002 Terry L Watkins-Field G4 REZ (0) UK spec 775DSP out of band mod View article
17. 20 Nov 2002 K. Van Horn (0) IC-775 Gen Cov xmit mod View article

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