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28 Apr 2011IC-R7000 Audio modifications
11 Aug 2008SSB Modification for the ICOM IC-R7000 Series Receivers
30 Nov 2006intermittent display for Icom R-7000
26 Mar 2000Intermittent display
19 Jul 1998IC-R7000 scanning improvement
19 Jul 1998R-7000 Display/Sensitivity Problem
19 Jul 1998If display fails to operate at power on
19 Jul 1998To improve audio quality in SSB operation
19 Jul 1998The remote relay sometimes stays energized
19 Jul 1998Increase the number of memory channels to 200
19 Jul 1998The S-meter may not drop to 0 when recieve 500-800 MHz
19 Jul 1998The frequency displayed and actually received are not the same
19 Jul 1998A low cost panadaptor for the R-7000
19 Jul 1998Modify your ICOM R7000 to scan and search faster
19 Jul 1998198 channels for your R-7000
19 Jul 1998TV interface for R-7000
19 Jul 1998Add a cooling fan to your R-7000 receiver
19 Jul 1998Cool your R-7000 receiver with another heat sink
19 Jul 1998Examining the icom ic-r7000 receiver
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Date Author Subject
1. 03 Oct 2016 David Bohmke (0) frq.does not stay in memory!
2. 06 Jan 2016 Thomas Davis (1) ICOM IC-R7000 - 10.7 IF Output has 8.7vdc on it.
3. 21 Dec 2015 michael kearns (0) IC-R 7000 Replacement Battery
4. 27 Mar 2009 Jon Larcombe (0) Icom IC-R7000 View article
5. 19 Feb 2008 Daniel Wasserfallen (1) BT1 Lithium Battery BR2032-1T2 for IC-R7000
6. 22 Oct 2006 Peter Adams (0) R7000 RECEIVER View article
7. 21 Apr 2006 ik7mxh (0) icr 7000 spare parts
8. 09 Feb 2006 Terry Clinard (1) IC-7000
9. 29 Jan 2006 Charles Gamelin (0) Remote Control RC-12
10. 05 Nov 2005 F1RFL (1) Two different version ?
11. 27 Apr 2004 Rodrighez (0) R7000 going in italy....

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