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13 Feb 2007Massive battery capacity mod.
10 Feb 2001Yaesu VHF mod for commercial splits
19 Jul 1998FT-470 9k6 mods
19 Jul 1998Full Reset
19 Jul 1998FT-470 Clone Mode
19 Jul 19981750Hz tone burst
19 Jul 1998Opening Battery Cases
19 Jul 1998Hyperscan Mode on the FT-470
19 Jul 1998Yaesu FT 470 Extended Tx. Side effect from keyboard Entry Mod
19 Jul 1998FT-470 fuer 9600 bps packet
19 Jul 1998Strappings for FT470-R
19 Jul 19981240-1300 TX & RX...and...220-225 MHz TX & RX
19 Jul 1998Extended receive by the Up and Down Key
19 Jul 1998FT 470 Unlimited (more or less) Rx mod
19 Jul 1998YAESU FT-470 STRAPS
19 Jul 1998Sensitive for the FT-470, from 130-180, to 430-500 MHz
19 Jul 1998YAESU FT470 cross-band repeater
19 Jul 1998Software RX frequency expansion
19 Jul 1998***TURBO SCAN*** 20 frequency in sec
19 Jul 1998VHF xmit and UHF recive
19 Jul 1998FT-470 Undocumented feature
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Date Author Subject
1. 13 Mar 2007 william rhinehart (0) Case Manufacturer View article
2. 25 Mar 2005 Anonymous (0) Tip for adjusting deviation on 2m (VR2002)

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