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08 Dec 2002TM-732 new TX/RX mod
05 Oct 2002Kenwood TM-732e frequency selector
23 Dec 2000TM-732 partial display or no power up
23 Apr 2000TM-732A S-meter squelch scan stop improvement
23 Apr 2000TM-732A Protection of Q201 in 430 MHz unit
23 Apr 2000TM-732A Control PC Board B+ foil damage
23 Apr 2000TM-732A/E APC circuit improvement
22 Apr 2000TM-732A/E Noise at squelch ON/OFF
22 Apr 2000TM-732A Low cross-band repeater audio
22 Apr 2000TM-732A/E Change in chip fuse rating
21 Apr 2000TM-732A 2 Meter transmit interference on 70 CM
27 Mar 20009600 baud-?? UHF packet radio mods
27 Mar 2000Extended RX & TX Mods
19 Jul 1998PAGING ANSWERBACK (Does not work in K1 or E1 Mod modes)
19 Jul 1998Memory recovery
19 Jul 1998Subjective Impressions
19 Jul 1998800 MHZ RECEIVE
19 Jul 1998Hard-wire cloning
19 Jul 1998TM-732E fuer 9600
19 Jul 1998TM-732 gets hot
19 Jul 1998AM detector control
19 Jul 1998AIR CLONING (Does not work in K1 or E1 Mod modes)
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Date Author Subject
1. 18 Oct 2012 john gulliver (0) Am detecror View article
2. 02 Oct 2012 john gulliver (0) Extended RX & TX Mods View article
3. 30 Jan 2012 Anonymous (0) TM-732A No Display Repair View article
4. 30 Jan 2012 Anonymous (0) TM-732A No Display Repair View article
5. 10 Feb 2010 Anonymous (0) Same symptom on my 732 View article
6. 03 Oct 2007 JP Salmi (0) TM 732E displaying " -on- "
7. 24 Oct 2006 Anonymous (0) TM-732SQ Exported to what nations ?
8. 15 Mar 2005 WB9RNW (0) Hard reset
9. 11 Mar 2005 ik7mxh (0) battery replacement
10. 06 Jun 2004 lu7aqv (0) please someone help! View article

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