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11 Nov 2015Power/Squelch and RIT/RF Modification
12 May 2014Kenwood TR-751E / TR-851E CTCSS Mod.
14 May 2013TR-751E / TR-851E Frequency steps in SSB
16 Aug 2010On/off Squelch/Vol Poti defect
16 Jan 2010Intermittent (pulsing) loss of RF-Power in TR-751
22 Nov 2007Intermittent S-meter full scale reading, sensitivity loss
25 Jan 2007Modification of the TR751e for transverter use
03 Jan 2006Kenwood TR-751E mic connections:
12 Jan 2004Using LEDs for lamp replacement
02 Jul 2000Kenwood TR-751 mod sheet
02 Jul 2000TR-751A out of band mod
19 Jul 1998TR851E & TR751E with 9600
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Date Author Subject
1. 10 Dec 2012 Janusz (1) Faulty potentiometer vol / sq View article
2. 16 Jan 2010 Joe (0) Intermittent (pulsing) loss of RF-Power
3. 22 Nov 2007 Johannes Seitz (0) Kenwood TR-751 Intermittent S-meter full-scale
4. 09 Sep 2007 Randy Smith (2) Out of Band Modification View article
5. 01 Sep 2007 Randy Smith (0) Out of Band Mod for TR-751
6. 25 Aug 2005 DO2DMW (0) step change in ssb and cw from 5kHz to 1kHz
7. 03 Dec 2004 ct1drx (1) Tones in TR-751E
8. 24 Nov 2004 Anonymous (0) subaudible tone
9. 16 Nov 2004 patrick (2) memory batt.
10. 21 Jan 2004 Chris N0TTW (0) Possible alternative resistor View article
11. 12 Dec 2003 JR KI4AWB (0) Lithium Battery replacement TR-751 View article
12. 07 Jul 2002 Eric Boot (0) Light bulbs in TR751 View article
13. 29 May 2002 Thomas Oberlin KJ6CM (0) Kenwood TR 751 A View article

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