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25 Apr 2015FT-817 possible failure (and fix) after reverse polarity
25 Nov 2014Cheap Bluetooth adapter (eg, for ZBM2's app Repeater) for Yaesu FT8x7's
20 Sep 2013Adding a Collins Mechanical CW Filter to the Yaesu FT-817
15 Dec 2011Curing the PA-dead of older FT-817?
20 Nov 2011Sub-dial-knob is overjumping channels
30 Jul 2011Reduce splatters of tx on FT-817
23 Mar 2010Full TX on FT-817 (New modification sheet in PDF)
06 Dec 2009Wide banding the FT-817 857 897 by CAT interface.
10 Nov 2009FT-817nd. The hidden Fuse
10 Jul 2009 DRM reception, using internal VOX for data jack, connection of mini mic Icom HM-46
25 Feb 2009Improving receiver performance for Yaesu FT-817
11 Jul 2008FT-817 final amplifier destructive self-oscillation cured
24 Apr 2008Wideband HF setting for Yaesu FT-817
23 Mar 2008Power Increase mods for Yaesu FT817 and FT817-ND
20 Mar 2008Li-Pol power supply for Yaesu FT-817
19 Feb 2008Reducing AF wideband noise
25 Dec 2007FT817 Transverter PTT interface
11 Oct 2007FT-817ND SSB/CW Receiver Distortion Reduced
19 Jun 2007FT-817 Suppressor Diode D3052
05 Apr 2007Intermittent rear antenna socket connection
28 Jan 2007DRM modification for Yaesu FT-817
02 Dec 2006External SSB ceramic filter for FT-817
27 May 2006Voltage protection for FT-817
04 Apr 2006Easy cure for microphonic VHF VCO in Yaesu FT-817
11 Mar 2006bhi NEDSP-1061 module (DG2IAQ Modification Sheet)
28 Feb 2006Finals Board Photos in FT-817ND
17 Jul 2005FT-817 and MURATA CFJ455K13 (2.7 kHz SSB wide)
29 Oct 2004FT-817 Servicemenu
15 Sep 2004FT-817 --> DYC-817 Modification
22 Jul 2004Mods for DF4ZS RF SpeechProcessor
11 May 2004YAESU FT-817 and DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale)
04 Mar 2004FT-817 transverter switching
02 Feb 2004FT-817: DYC-817 and DF4ZS RF SpeechProcessor audio comparison
03 Sep 2003Adjustment points for Yaesu FT817
09 Aug 2003FT897/857/817 Jumpers by Software
09 Jul 2003Yaesu FT-817 charge modification
09 Apr 2003FT-817 FM mod improvement (more basses)
06 Apr 2003Improvement of stock mic for FT-817
04 Jan 2003KA7OEI FT-817 page
12 Oct 2002Yaesu FT-817 Mod/Fix
06 Oct 2002Yaesu FT-817 CAT interface
31 Aug 2002FT-817 10 Watts output
08 Jun 2002FT-817 Mod. 2 Collins Filter (CW AND SSB)
16 May 2002Et enkelt front l+??ft til FT-817
01 Apr 2002FT-817 TX frequency / Region setting
02 Feb 2002FT-817 RX-LED disconnect
08 Jan 2002Other Observations/Comments on the FT-817 BY AD6A
08 Jan 2002Yaesu FT-817 CW Filter Installation
05 Jan 2002FT-817 paddle modification, very useful for CW ops.
08 Dec 2001HF Clipper f++r Einbau in das Handmikrofon des Yaesu FT-817
28 Aug 2001AGC modification for FT-817
10 Jul 2001Improvement of the optional microphone MH-36 E8J with DTMF
10 Jul 2001Improvement of the ALC - better modulation and throughput
23 May 2001YAESU FT-817 Servicepoints
07 Apr 2001FT-817 Tips
18 Mar 2001Hidden menu for YAESU FT-817
20 Jan 2001Extended TX for FT-817
02 Jan 2001Battery mod for ft-817
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Date Author Subject
1. 26 May 2017 Lasse Jakobsson (0) 404 - Not Found View article
2. 06 Jun 2014 Johannes Seitz (0) RD07MVS1 1:1 exchange type ? View article
3. 07 Mar 2013 Mike Sherrod (0) MARS mods
4. 03 Mar 2012 Uwe DJ9XG (0) Details are missing View article
5. 13 May 2011 John Berry (3) FT817nd Wide tx on HF doesn't work View article
6. 24 Apr 2010 garry kotvasz (0) Wide banding the FT-817 857 897 by CAT interface View article
7. 24 Mar 2010 Daniel Horvath (2) FT 817nd hidden fuse View article
8. 29 Jan 2010 Michael Watterson (0) Soft WideBand of FT817ND View article
9. 14 Nov 2009 Richard Arland (0) FT-817ND. The Hidden Fuse View article
10. 05 Sep 2009 Marcus Sehlhoff (0) The real wide band TX mod View article
11. 05 Sep 2009 Marcus Sehlhoff (1) Wide band TX setting View article
12. 11 May 2009 zvi amit (1) FT-857 View article
13. 25 Feb 2009 Andrey Bratolubov (0) Improving receiver noise perfomace
14. 08 Apr 2008 Alexander von Obert (1) Seems to be an external solution View article
15. 07 Apr 2008 Serge Kita (0) Hard to find product? View article
16. 28 Mar 2008 Serge Kita (0) Alternative solution View article
17. 29 Feb 2008 Tom Holden (1) Is this the right fix? View article
18. 19 Oct 2007 Jan Zavodsky (1) AF-distortion 817,857,897 View article
19. 11 Oct 2007 Tom Holden (1) LTspice simulations of AGC Mods View article
20. 01 May 2007 Stefan Specht (0) intermittent rear connectors View article
21. 16 Jan 2007 keith morrison (0) PTT to Ground ACC Skt View article
22. 25 Sep 2006 Pavel Biryukov (0) cat-62 interface from gsm phone cable View article
23. 21 Jul 2006 bill talmage (0) title language??? View article
24. 09 Jul 2006 franz grill (0) FT817 AKKU View article

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