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19 Jul 1998AEA PK232 RFI problem
19 Jul 1998PK232 Mods for AMTOR ARQ
19 Jul 1998PK-232 RF Lock Up Mod
19 Jul 1998PK-232 Noise Cure
19 Jul 1998Improve the performance for PK-232
19 Jul 1998Power supply info
19 Jul 1998PK-232 Batteries
19 Jul 1998TAPR full-duplex (new) 9600 baud modem
19 Jul 1998PK-232SAT info to RX the AO-13 & Uosat 9 & 11
19 Jul 1998The VCC increase on PK-232
19 Jul 1998If the PK-232 i getting warm-to-hot
19 Jul 1998PK-232 MBX Bugs, Noise Cure
19 Jul 1998Eliminate rfi
19 Jul 1998PK232 not renturning in receive mode
19 Jul 1998TTL level problem
19 Jul 1998Four simple hardware modifications improve the PK-232's performance
19 Jul 1998New eproms
19 Jul 1998Bug in pakratt program
19 Jul 1998SSB & FM distortion
19 Jul 1998Using the MBX command
19 Jul 1998Cures for PK232 Lockup
19 Jul 1998Data inversion
19 Jul 1998Date & time software
19 Jul 1998Eleminate the RF ground loop
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Date Author Subject
1. 30 Nov 2007 Anonymous (0) PK-232 spares needed
2. 16 Dec 2006 Anonymous (0) aprs with pk232mbx View article
3. 30 Nov 2006 maurice vinquart (0) pk232mbx software for win98
4. 03 Nov 2005 KA8OEB (0) PK232 & Kantronics Board
5. 13 May 2005 Adrian (1) Did not work for me View article
6. 06 May 2005 ZS6KE (0) Incorrect callsign: Wolf = ZS6KE View article
7. 08 Mar 2005 Bob (0) PK232 do not work at 1200 Baud
8. 03 Feb 2005 Anonymous (0) PSK31 kit
9. 13 Jan 2005 Anonymous (0) all leds is OFF
10. 09 Jan 2005 dh5dax (0) pk232 dcd broken?
11. 06 May 2004 ZL4QS (0) pk232 dcd levels
12. 12 Mar 2004 Pascal Stevenhaagen [PB1SAM] (1) PK232 doesn't switch to TX anymore. Pse help?

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