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03 May 2008Main Frequency adjustment for Yupiteru MVT-7100
08 Mar 2006To operate iamp switch for MVT-7100
05 Jun 2001Yupiteru MVT-7100 Dicriminator Output
05 Jun 2001MVT-7100 Electrolytic Capacitor-memory loss
21 Oct 2000Key lock mod. for MVT7100 to operate lamp switch
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Date Author Subject
1. 04 Jan 2014 Brian McDonald (0) Open squelch
2. 07 Jan 2011 Richard Brown (0) Batteries instead of capacitor View article
3. 01 Oct 2008 patrick moore (0) mvt-7100 lamp on View article
4. 12 May 2008 carlnewman (0) mvt-7100
5. 21 Oct 2007 pete smith (1) 7100ex off frequency
6. 18 Dec 2006 Michael Haugrund (0) Searching for DRM-Output modifikation
7. 17 Mar 2005 Anonymous (1) MVT7100 Tunes 5Khz. below the correct frequency.
8. 12 Aug 2004 Rob (6) Loss of stored channels
9. 05 Jul 2003 stuart (0) where can i find ambulance/s in sheffield on mtv100 View article

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