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01 Sep 2007Antenna info for Radio Shack PRO-97
13 May 2007Installing a discriminator tap on a Pro-97 scanner
24 Apr 2007Display faiture on pro-97 scanners
27 Nov 2006Squelch control for Radio Shack Pro-97
06 Mar 2006PRO-97 keypad startup options
05 Mar 2006Use one battery case for standard and rechargables:
05 Mar 2006Get loud, clear audio using an external speaker:
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Date Author Subject
1. 02 Apr 2016 Lisa (0) Make the beeping stop
2. 11 Apr 2008 Anonymous (0) It may or may not work... View article
3. 09 Apr 2008 Steve Attfield (0) test points for squelch pot View article
4. 21 Dec 2007 michael henslee (0) Pro 97 Stock Antenna View article
5. 01 Dec 2007 none (0) antenna pro 97 View article
6. 03 Sep 2007 neaco gatti (0) Antenna View article
7. 08 Sep 2006 Henri Perron (1) Unlocking celluar frequencies
8. 05 Aug 2006 Anonymous (2) cell mod
9. 30 May 2006 civicsi (1) Pro-97 Kicks ASS
10. 25 Apr 2006 Clay Cummings (2) Pro-97 Backlight

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