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17 Oct 2012FRG-7700 with 4 and 6 meterband transmitting facility
16 Oct 2012FRG-7700 Modification to 3 bandwidths for FM-AM-SSB
02 Apr 2012LF and first mixer modification
14 Apr 2010A simple way to access 256 memories.
11 Apr 2010All mode squelch for FRG7700
08 Apr 2010FRG-7700 Increasing front end overload performance #2
29 Mar 2010Improved AGC and crossmod performance for FRG-7700
15 Nov 2001FRG 7700 extra memories mod ! 12 -----------> 256
16 Dec 2000Info for used frg-7700 Yaesu
16 Dec 2000Yaesu-FRG7700 tip
19 Jul 1998Better FM audio FRG-7700
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Date Author Subject
1. 03 Apr 2007 Gerry Emson (0) frg 7700 mains hum and duff S meter panel light View article
2. 15 Mar 2007 John Albert (1) FRG-7700 Tuning Problem
3. 13 Aug 2006 luminoso vincenzo (0) Active antenna
4. 19 Feb 2005 Dirk (0) FRV-7700
5. 28 May 2003 Nicolas (0) Please send your feedback View article

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