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28 Jan 2013Reconstruction of the FT-5200 on LED lighting
09 Nov 2012Yaesu FT 5200 Repair: No power on/Erratic operation.
16 Aug 2010FT-5200/6200 Dial knob failure - Frequency goes only one way
19 Jul 1998FT-5200 fuer 9k6
19 Jul 1998FT-5200 & 9600 Bps
19 Jul 1998FT-5200 Reparaturtip fr PWR-MODUL
19 Jul 1998Extended Frequency Range (Another)
19 Jul 1998Extended Frequency Range
19 Jul 1998Crossband Repeat
19 Jul 1998Mute Level
19 Jul 1998Band Switching via D/MR button on microphone
19 Jul 1998FT-5200 cross band mod
19 Jul 1998FT-5200 mod for Ext Frq
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Date Author Subject
1. 21 Nov 2013 Anonymous (0) additional information View article
2. 01 Sep 2010 robert ridenour (0) memery
3. 11 Aug 2008 Richard (0) YAESU FT-5200 View article
4. 21 Jun 2007 vander antonio moreira (0) -shematic eletric ft5200
5. 06 May 2007 Adrian Ics (1) FT5200 User manual
6. 13 Jul 2005 K9HDX (1) FT-5200 No output on 2 meters
7. 29 Jun 2005 Marcus Heger (0) 1750 Hz Tonruf mit MH-15D8 DTMF-Mic?
8. 02 Apr 2005 (0) FT-5200 Deviation View article
9. 24 Jan 2004 Bernd (0) L?fterregelung ft5200 View article

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