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25 Mar 2012FT2000 sub RX repair
22 Oct 2011Blinking TX lamp on FT-2000
22 Mar 2011FT-2000(D) No RX on main VFO, no TX, sub VFO receiving OK.
02 Jun 2009RX/TX expanded audio mod (50 - 4000 Hz.)
02 Jun 2009Roofing filter mod, performance ehnacement mod
02 Jan 2008ADJ ERROR for Yaesu FT-2000 and FT-2000D
09 Dec 2007FT-2000 Microphone Amplifier Gain Modification
08 Dec 2007FT-2000 INRAD Roofing filter modification
03 Sep 2007Yaesu FT-2000 CT 119 cable self made
02 Aug 2007FT-2000 DMU pan adapter Pre Amplifier
02 Aug 2007FT-2000 Roofing Filter area Mod
06 Mar 2007Extended TX modification Yaesu FT-2000
18 Feb 2007Firmware upgrade for FT-2000 - 1st. feb. 2007
17 Feb 2007FT-2000 conversion 220V to 110V
07 Nov 2006MARS for Yaesu FT-2000
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Date Author Subject
1. 11 Feb 2014 Julius De Falico (0) transmit mars
2. 05 Jan 2014 joe mckillop (0) ft-2000d
3. 22 Dec 2013 joe mckillop (1) yeasu ft2000d
4. 23 Jul 2012 Anonymous (1) FT 2000 D preamps problem
5. 03 Dec 2011 Anonymous (1) FT-2000 / D
6. 18 Oct 2009 Jim Forgione (0) FT2000 "ttbf" Mode View article
7. 02 Sep 2009 Greg Anders (0) RX/TX expanded audio mod View article
8. 02 Jun 2009 Anonymous (0) FT-2000 RX/TX audio mod (50hz.-4000hz)
9. 12 Dec 2008 Guy Hamblebn (0) More detail fix instruction for Adj Error message View article
10. 19 Dec 2007 Charlie Mazoch Jr. (0) FT-2000 View article
11. 05 Apr 2007 David Lucas (0) FT-2000 Conversion 220 V to 110 V View article
12. 16 Mar 2007 Anonymous (0) yaesu ft2000 update ver1.24
13. 26 Feb 2007 Anonymous (0) Firmware changes ? View article
14. 25 Feb 2007 Anonymous (0) DNF (auto notch) no good

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