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19 Nov 2013TM-D710E low sensitivity of VFO A or VFO B, 144,00, 430,00.
09 Oct 2013Expand TX in TM-D710E (European Version)
28 Sep 2013RX drop in sensitivity possible fix. by SV8YM and G4ILO.
12 Dec 2010TM-D710 transponder activation.
23 Apr 2010Connect a Deluo GPS to TM-D710A
21 Mar 2008Kenwood TM-D710 MARS/CAP mod for USA version
25 Oct 2007Jumper settings TM-V71 and TM-D710 2 m/70 cm Dual Band FM transceivers.
25 Oct 2007How to enable SkyCommand on european TM-D710E
28 Sep 2007How to get the service menu for TM-D710
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Date Author Subject
1. 20 Feb 2014 Henrik N (0) Kenwood D-710GE TX exp.works but no crossrepeater View article
2. 07 Oct 2013 Leon van der Linde (0) Kenwood TM-D710 dying filters
3. 25 Apr 2013 Anonymous (0) 1750Hz tone usa version
4. 04 Dec 2011 Martin Storli (0) The jumpers are located here! View article
5. 17 Nov 2011 Rey Ramos (2) Low reception on aprs
6. 18 Aug 2011 ismail AYDIN (0) modifikasyon
7. 18 Jan 2010 Joe Fox (0) Kenwood TM-D710 Mars/Cap for USA Version View article
8. 15 Jan 2010 Anonymous (0) DIAGRAME
9. 06 Jan 2010 (0) Controlling the band and frequency on the TM-D710
10. 12 Dec 2009 Lawrence Rizio (0) Face plate holder need for TM-D700
11. 25 Aug 2009 Brian Vind (0) Pin 2 and 6 does not work!
12. 16 Nov 2008 Jody Cross (0) Display installed firmware versions in TM-D710a
13. 29 Apr 2008 feh hef (0) pins View article
14. 22 Dec 2007 Michael A. Perkins (1) Clipping The Green Wire And MCP-2 Software View article
15. 08 Nov 2007 Norman Urich (0) Jumpers View article
16. 28 Oct 2007 Norman Urich (1) Any pics as to WHERE the jumpers are? View article

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