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This is the manuals page for Drake. In this page you find schematic, users and instructions manuals, service manuals, technical supplement, leaf leads and other good stuff. If you have some stuff that not is listed here you can donate this by contact

Note that there is a limit to the number of files you can download. And when you click on the file or icon it will count as a download.

If you can't find a manual please do not contact us, all the manuals we have are online.

ZIP file. 1-A Manual and schematic.zip2.134 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. 2-AC Manual and Schematic.pdf113 Kbytes
ZIP file. 2-A Manual and schematic.zip2.492 Kbytes
ZIP file. 2-BQ Manual.zip109 Kbytes
ZIP file. 2-B Manual and schematic.zip3.863 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. 2-C Accessories.pdf189 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. 2-C Instruction and Schematic.pdf2.180 Kbytes
ZIP file. 2-C Schematic.zip1.088 Kbytes
ZIP file. 2-LF Schematic.zip92 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. 2-NB Noise blanker.pdf115 Kbytes
ZIP file. 2-NT Manual.zip9.389 Kbytes
ZIP file. 2-NT Schematic.zip808 Kbytes
ZIP file. 2B 2BQ German.zip3.686 Kbytes
ZIP file. 34-PNB Plug-in Noise Blanker for TR4C and TR4 Transceivers.zip567 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. 4-NB Noise blanker.pdf253 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. 5-NB Noise blanker.pdf195 Kbytes
ZIP file. 9-NB Noise blanker Instruction manual.zip5.222 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. AC-3 Manual.pdf84 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. AC-4 Manual.pdf288 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. AL4 Loop antenna Manual.pdf91 Kbytes
ZIP file. AUX7 Instruction manual.zip196 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. C-4 Manual.pdf1.979 Kbytes
ZIP file. C-4 Manual (as bitmap files).zip1.684 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. C-4 Supplements.pdf74 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. CC-1 Manual.pdf236 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. CPS-1 Manual.pdf125 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. Crystal frequencies for repeater.pdf148 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. DC-3 Manual.pdf174 Kbytes
ZIP file. DC-4 Manual.zip306 Kbytes
ZIP file. Drake Marker Luxury.zip2.784 Kbytes
ZIP file. Drake ML-2 Instruction manual.zip1.266 Kbytes
ZIP file. DSR-1 Instruction manual.zip5.455 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. FF-1 Manual.pdf317 Kbytes
ZIP file. FR-4 Manual.zip2.570 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. FR4tr Manual.pdf1.750 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. FR4tr Update.pdf118 Kbytes
ZIP file. FS-4 Manual.zip3.503 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. FS-4 Parts.pdf109 Kbytes
ZIP file. FS-4 Schematic.zip241 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. Installing 2- 3- 4-filtering kits.pdf929 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. L-4B-Parts.pdf152 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. L-4B Manual.pdf2.330 Kbytes
ZIP file. L-4B Manual (German).zip2.711 Kbytes
ZIP file. L-4 Manual.zip11.573 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. L75 Manual.pdf2.032 Kbytes
ZIP file. L7 Manual.zip3.290 Kbytes
ZIP file. L7 Schematic.zip228 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. LC-2-T4X Instruction manual.pdf628 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. LC-2-TR Instruction manual.pdf256 Kbytes
ZIP file. LC-2 Installation.zip77 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. LN-4 Manual.pdf42 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. Magnum SIX Manual.pdf1.241 Kbytes
ZIP file. ML-2 Inside picture.zip870 Kbytes
ZIP file. MN-2000B Manual.zip10.767 Kbytes
ZIP file. MN-2000 Manual.zip7.779 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. MN-2000 Parts.pdf33 Kbytes
ZIP file. MN-2700 Operating manual.zip5.769 Kbytes
ZIP file. MN-4C Manual.zip5.267 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. MN-4 Manual.pdf1.852 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. MN-4 Parts.pdf71 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. MN-7 Instruction manual.pdf874 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. PS-3 Manual.pdf181 Kbytes
ZIP file. PS-75 Schematic and manual.zip1.410 Kbytes
ZIP file. PS-7 Manual with schematic.zip3.094 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. PTO Adjustment.pdf88 Kbytes
ZIP file. QXer Instructions.zip140 Kbytes
ZIP file. R-4A Manual.zip4.566 Kbytes
ZIP file. R-4B Manual.zip10.877 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. R-4C Featuring.pdf1.934 Kbytes
ZIP file. R-4C Manual.zip14.245 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. R-4C Original low voltage power supply schematic.pdf60 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. R-4C Parts.pdf155 Kbytes
ZIP file. R-4C Schematic.zip901 Kbytes
ZIP file. R-4 Manual.zip2.476 Kbytes
ZIP file. R7A Owners manual.zip8.874 Kbytes
ZIP file. R7 Datasheet.zip328 Kbytes
ZIP file. R7 Servicemanual.zip7.880 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. R8A Manual.pdf678 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. R8B Manual.pdf681 Kbytes
ZIP file. R8B Service manual.zip6.096 Kbytes
ZIP file. R8 Owners manual.zip3.549 Kbytes
ZIP file. R8 R8E Service manual.zip7.210 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. RCS-4 Manual.pdf2.349 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. RCS-4 Spare parts.pdf55 Kbytes
ZIP file. RR-1 Instruction manual.zip2.735 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. RV-3 Manual.pdf255 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. RV-4C Manual.pdf403 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. RV-4 Manual.pdf411 Kbytes
ZIP file. RV-75 Model 1544 Adapter.zip725 Kbytes
ZIP file. RV-75 Operators manual.zip2.395 Kbytes
ZIP file. RV-75 Schematic.zip327 Kbytes
ZIP file. RV-7 Instruction manual.zip2.769 Kbytes
ZIP file. SC-2 Manual.zip3.049 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. SC-2 SC-6 Spare parts.pdf166 Kbytes
ZIP file. SC-6 Manual.zip2.490 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. SCC-1 Manual.pdf177 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. SCC-4 Manual.pdf1.825 Kbytes
GIF bitmap file. Schematic diagram for conversion of T4XB from 6JB6s to 6146s.gif102 Kbytes
ZIP file. SP-75 Manual inc Schematic.zip1.288 Kbytes
ZIP file. SPR-4 Schematic.zip1.935 Kbytes
ZIP file. SPR-4 Technical manual.zip14.276 Kbytes
ZIP file. SSR-1 Alignment.zip209 Kbytes
ZIP file. SSR-1 Manual.zip1.058 Kbytes
ZIP file. SSR-1 Schematic.zip374 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. SW-1 Manual.pdf298 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. SW-2 Manual.pdf373 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. SW-4A Manual.pdf1.962 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. SW-4 Manual.pdf1.228 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. SW-8 Manual.pdf496 Kbytes
ZIP file. SW-8 Schematic.zip4.834 Kbytes
ZIP file. T-4B Manual.zip4.946 Kbytes
ZIP file. T-4XB Manual.zip10.204 Kbytes
ZIP file. T-4XB T4B Manual (German).zip704 Kbytes
ZIP file. T-4XC Manual.zip13.580 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. T-4XC Supplements.pdf8 Kbytes
ZIP file. T-4X Manual.zip20.093 Kbytes
ZIP file. TC-2 Manual.zip7.765 Kbytes
ZIP file. TC-6 Manual.zip4.508 Kbytes
ZIP file. TK-1 Manual.zip2.527 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. TK-1 Mating instruction.pdf2.280 Kbytes
ZIP file. TR-22a Manual.zip335 Kbytes
ZIP file. TR-33C Instruction manual.zip2.881 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. TR-3 and TR-4 VHF mod kit Instriction.pdf367 Kbytes
ZIP file. TR-3 Manual.zip12.225 Kbytes
ZIP file. TR-3 to TR7 Modification 2005.zip151 Kbytes
ZIP file. TR-4CW Manual.zip8.661 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. TR-4CW Rit.pdf153 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. TR-4C Errata sheet.pdf25 Kbytes
ZIP file. TR-4C Manual.zip9.862 Kbytes
ZIP file. TR-4 Instruction manual.zip7.871 Kbytes
ZIP file. TR-5 Instruction manual.zip3.330 Kbytes
ZIP file. TR-6 Manual.zip20.493 Kbytes
ZIP file. TR-72 Instruction manual.zip15.225 Kbytes
ZIP file. TR-7 Operation manual.zip699 Kbytes
ZIP file. TR-7 Service manual.zip10.432 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. TR270 Manual.pdf751 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. TV-100LP and TV-1000LP Manual.pdf254 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. TV-3300 Manual.pdf90 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. T 4XC Spare parts.pdf191 Kbytes
ZIP file. UV-3 Operators manual.zip1.840 Kbytes
ZIP file. W-4B Manual.zip2.489 Kbytes
ZIP file. W-4 Manual.zip7.199 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. W-4 Parts.pdf83 Kbytes
ZIP file. WH-7 Instruction manual.zip604 Kbytes
Adobe Reader. WV-4B Manual.pdf2.413 Kbytes
ZIP file. WV-4 Manual.zip7.877 Kbytes
Total:421.867 KBytes

This is all the manuals for Drake. If you want to see manuals from other manufactories you can click on the manufactory menu in the left side. You can also click here to see all the manufactories that have manuals, schematics or other files from.

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